Friday, 14 December 2018

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes to complement the latest interior design trend

There’s no place like home and whether yours is a rented shoebox with damp stains, a ten bedroom country house with a tennis course, garden flamingos or a penthouse suite with floor to ceiling windows and a rooftop pool, it’s important to make your home somewhere where you feel comfortable.

With this seasons key trends including textures, metallics, natural elements and marble, it’s also providing popular when it comes to bedroom designs. This has saw people introducing marble and metallic accessories into their home and create a model feel which provides an understated and freestanding fitted bedroom furniture.

Refreshing the trends in 2018 show stark metallic items which are still a key piece to these styles and have evolved with people trying to create a softer ambience.

Marble styles are another breakthrough styling which provide a contemporary feel and a clean finish, especially when paired with metallic pieces as well as a feminine flourish which includes natural elements like house plants.

Transform your home into a retreat with metallic items, textured materials, marbled pieces and natural plants. These finishes are bound to make a bold style statement as well as the metallic reflecting the light’s brightness. Small accessories like vases and candle holders can incorporate these trends withing the bedroom in a more subtle fashion.

Metallics can also be used in a more understated way but whilst still providing a bold and modern trend due to the industrial feel, so it’s important that your existing furniture or new furniture has a minimalistic style.

Trends for the Summer 2018

As well as the natural and metallic interior trends we have mentioned above, take a look at some of the other popular styles on trend this season. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, budgets and room space. Whether you’d like to change the colour of the walls or it’ a complete bedroom refurb, here’ some trends to keep in mind…

  • Copper – surprisingly a versatile metallic colour than can be blended into a range of interior styles, great for bathrooms, kitchens and lounges, copper is perfect for every room in the house.
  • Patchwork – a step up from the traditional ‘patchwork quilt’, there’s a range of patchwork items available, from different fabrics, to cushions and even upholstery.
  • White walls with fabric wall prints – a simple yet striking look, this interior trend can bring a lot of attention to a basic space.
  • Pineapples and watermelons – odd but people can’t seem to get enough, whether it’s small figures, ornamental items or prints.
  • Sky blue – a beautiful fresh colour which can also add calming vibes to your interior.
  • Photo frames – and lots of them, decorate your home with all your favourite memories and favourite people.
  • Aztec prints – striking Aztec prints are no longer too bold, they can easily be incorporated into your home and look great.

Incorporating sliding wardrobes into your interior

When it comes to choosing sliding wardrobes into your home, they also come with another of benefits, as well as looking great with your interior, their storage benefits can also mean that they transform a room. When you choose Sliding Robes for your new wardrobe, you’ll receive a number of benefits, this includes…

  • Wardrobes can last for years to come and provide the ultimate storage space
  • Easily accessible
  • Floor to ceiling wardrobes mean one ting – extra space
  • They look amazing
  • Various styling options to suit
  • Our wardrobes can be designed to fit any size or space
  • Added value, asset to property
  • Great prices to meet all budgets

When choosing your new fitted wardrobe, choose a simple wardrobe design that includes contemporary and clean lines. The selection of wardrobes we provide are great for this trend, the crisp white door fronts and chrome effects will provide your room with a fresh and contemporary finish as well as understated backdrop for your new interior pieces.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes to complement the latest interior design trend

Thursday, 6 December 2018

4 Ways to Overhaul Your Bedroom

When it comes to overhauling your bedroom, we know a trick or two on how to do this. From getting out with the new and in with the old, to completely transforming your room, we want to make sure that your bedroom is completely suited to you in every way possible. Our experts are excited to show you some top tips on how to give your bedroom an overhaul. Make the most of our advice and take inspiration in what is most important to you. By doing so, you will be able to overhaul your room with ease, ensuring that it looks fantastic regardless of your personal tastes and interests. So, sit back and relax as we guide you through four ways to overhaul your bedroom.

Four Ways to Overhaul Your Bedroom

1. Buy a Hollywood Mirror

Light up your world and buy a Hollywood mirror for your bedroom. With a wide range of styles and designs out there, you have a wide selection to choose from to match your décor. Once more, we have found that Hollywood mirrors look great on either a beauty table or fixed to the wall. So, whether you’re looking for a glamourous finish on your dressing table or somewhere to perfect your makeup, a Hollywood mirror is the way forward. Not only do they look fantastic both in and out of use, they are a great way at connecting the whole room together. Don’t forget, mirrors are a vital asset of any room.

2. Invest in a New Wardrobe

One of the most popular ways of giving your bedroom an overhaul is investing in a new wardrobe. Not only will this increase the amount of storage space you have, it’s a great way to have a clear out too. Getting a new wardrobe will help you to have a sort through your clothes and donate or sell any you no longer wear. Once more, if you opt for a sliding wardrobe then you can be confident in knowing that you have extra space to storage away more things. This could range from shoes to bags, suits to coats. You would be surprised at how much extra space you can get in a made to measure wardrobe! Make a worthwhile investment and choose a sliding wardrobe where you can give your bedroom an overhaul like never before.

3. Update the Colour Scheme

Trends come and go, so if your bedroom has not been decorated in a while the chances are that it might be outdated. But don’t worry, a few modifications and changes to the room can easily change things. From new wall paper to pillows, little touches count. Make your room as personal to you as possible and then it will never go out of date, because you are the trend! That way, you can be confident in knowing that your room looks great and trendy, without worrying about it going out of fashion. So, experiment with your favourite colours and designs, but be cautious as smaller rooms can have a negative effect on certain colours.

4. Get a New Bed

Everyone knows that when buying a new bed, it means new bedding, right? Well, we certainly agree with this. There’s no better feeling than tucking into bed with fresh, new bedding. So, what better way to celebrate overhauling your bedroom than purchasing a new bed and bedding. In most cases, when redecorating a bedroom new bedroom is required, and in our opinion, bedding is a fantastic way to finish off a room. And, with so many designs, patterns, and types of bedding out there, you can explore the latest ones without worry that someone may have a similar one to you.


If the time has come to order a new wardrobe, look no further than Sliding Robes. Our team have years of experience in supplying top of the range wardrobes to customers throughout the UK. Regardless of the size of the space, or the type of wardrobe you desire, our team will be on hand to help. Simply contact Sliding Robes for a new wardrobe today and we’ll take care of you. From here, we will discuss your specific requirements and advice you on which wardrobe is best for your needs. Waste no time and call Sliding Robes today to receive a FREE QUOTE.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

What to consider before buying a Sliding Wardrobe

If you’re thinking of buying a new sliding wardrobe, then we have some advice on how to start the process. From finding the right design to measuring up, at Sliding Robes we have all the required information so you can make sure that your bedroom or dressing room has the best results.


One of the first things you will need to do is to look into the wardrobe design you require, from the style to the layout structure, it’s important to make sure that you pick the perfect wardrobe for your needs. Check out our made to measure and standard size wardrobe range today and browse the options that we have available. Before you purchase your wardrobe, make sure that you’ve measured the area correctly.


Something that we understand is crucial when it comes to a new wardrobe, is storage, you want to make sure that your wardrobe looks great, but can also store a good amount of clothing. If it’s something that you’re looking for when it comes to your new wardrobe, then Sliding Robes can help.

We provide a wide selection of products to suit all of our clients’ tastes and requirements. On top of this we also have storage and interior options available to best suit your needs.

Just like the design, the storage options in your wardrobe is also really important, not only will you have a stunning new wardrobe, but a storage solution then provides space for all of your clothing and shoes.

The made to measure wardrobes that we build specifically for you will provide full control when it comes to designs, layouts and interior structures of the wardrobe. This will provide you with an advantage for needing a new wardrobe as well as better storage solutions. It’s just one of the reasons why we’re a top choice when it comes to Made to Measure Wardrobes.

Helpful information

For more advice on finding the perfect wardrobe or to receive helpful information, you can view our range of wardrobes online. For more information on our installing, fitting, delivery options or technical advice, take a look at our helpful guides.

What to consider before buying a Sliding Wardrobe

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Reinvent and Refresh your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

It’s not always a wise idea to tamper with expensive furniture, especially when it comes to sliding wardrobe doors. But if you can’t afford to replace it completely, then renovating it is the next best thing. You can give your bedroom a fresh new look, though you may not have the budget available to do what you want. If this is the case then you might need to consider adding your own personal touches to furnishings in your home. Take a look at our top tips to reinvent your sliding wardrobes…

Reinvent and Refresh your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Add Mirrors

This is one of the best ways to reinvent your sliding wardrobe doors without replacing them completely, new frames and panels can be purchased to give your sliding wardrobe a brand new look. If you’re thinking about new panels for your sliding doors, then one of the first things that you can do is to consider mirrors. Not only do mirrors add the illusion of space to a room, they can also help you to bring your old doors back to life.

Repaint Them

Painting your old wardrobe doors is a great way to bring them back to life, if you have old doors with scratched on or you’re simply bored of colours, consider repainting the panels. Glossy panels are a great option but a matt finish might be better and give them a new colour look using paint.

Hang some curtains

Two possibilities come with curtains, firstly think about removing your sliding wardrobe doors, keep the internal storage and hanging curtains in front of the open space, this will change the way you open and close the empty space. Or you could keep your sliding wardrobe and use hanging curtains or drapes in front of them. Door and curtain combinations can add extra privacy and also decorate your bedroom in a new and unusual way.

Cover in wallpaper

Covering your door panels in wall paper is similar to painting them but will provide a new and quirky look to your wardrobe doors. Try choosing a wallpaper that will tie in with the theme of your room and your home.

Play with textures

Some textures or materials, usually felt and cork, are options when it comes to replacing or covering your wardrobe doors, as well as providing a sharp new look, they also provide practicality. Both felt and cork can be used as notice boards, this will allow you to pin reminders or your favourite photos to your wardrobe doors.

New handles

If you already have handles you can change them or refresh them by adding new ones, it’s a great way to give them a fresh look so consider replacing the current handles with different ones to bring them back to life.

Apply vinyls

Vinyl stickers including decals are a great idea when it comes to getting creative, vinyl stickers can be printed with your favourite words or images, then carefully stuck to your doors. This is a great way to add colour to your room.

Remove the doors

You could remove the doors completely, this will leave only the interior storage solution, an open shelving look can work if you take the time to keep the shelves and your clothes tidy.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Where else can Sliding Doors be used?

Most people’s minds will spring to the bedroom when thinking of sliding doors, used for storing clothes and other personal belongings in a sliding wardrobe. There are, however, a range of other uses for sliding doors, in all areas of the home.

Where else can Sliding Doors be used?

Below, we look at the different uses for sliding doors, delving into the ways they can be used and where.


Sliding doors come in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, with different frames, panels and installation methods available to achieve different results. Whatever your reasons are for wanting sliding doors in your home, we are sure you will enjoy discovering the different uses for where sliding doors can be used.

Let’s begin!


Sliding doors can be used as part of your kitchen design, concealing elements of your kitchen that aren’t appealing to the eye. The pantry/larder is a great example of where a sliding door can be installed, as well as any utility type space you have attached to or as part of your kitchen. You might want to conceal your washing machine, tumble dryer and even your fridge freezer. This where a space-saving sliding door can come in incredibly handy.


The hallway can get extremely messy if you’ve got a hat stand or somewhere to hang coats and jackets. Shoes will often live here too, if you don’t have space under the stairs or a porch area leading into your house. The combination of coats and shoes can lead to mayhem in the hallway and sliding doors are an excellent solution.

Living Room

All lounge and living room areas could benefit from having sliding doors to make storage easier. Books and DVD’s could be concealed behind the doors, as could games and other personal belongings which look like clutter at a glance.

If you have awkward space either side of a chimney breast, you can make the most of it with the installation of sliding doors. If you put your mind to it, you’ll probably be able to think of more ways that sliding doors can be used in the living room.


The bathroom can often provide opportunities to have sliding doors installed, providing you with a place to store towels and toiletries. Mirrored sliding doors would work well here, offering the impression that the room is a lot more lit up and spacious than it is.


One of the places that can benefit most from sliding doors is an office where clutter can build up fast. A sliding door cupboard can provide you with different compartments to store your valuable documents. You can keep your domestic bills etc. in here too, separating things easily into different sections for ease of use.

Play Room

Children’s play rooms can be a real nightmare when it comes to clutter and toys lying about everywhere. Concealing boxes of toys and games behind sliding doors is a great way to keep things clean and tidy. This could also make it easier for your children to learn tidiness, putting one toy away before they get another one out.

Attic / Loft Conversion

If you have an attic or loft conversion that gets used as a hoarding site, you might be wondering how you can tidy it up to use as actual living space. With the introduction of a made to measure sliding wardrobe, you can have a place to put everything without leaving it out in the middle of the room or on the spare bed.


The garage can turn into another hoarding site if you aren’t careful. Before you know it, you have clutter everywhere and you can’t find what you are looking for.

Why not consider having sliding doors installed down one or both sides of your garage to make storing and finding things much easier. If you have a large garage, you will still have space to put your car inside as well!

Friday, 9 November 2018

What Kind of Wardrobe is Good for Suits?

The Perfect Wardrobe for a Man that Wears Suits

In the 21st century, more and more people are making an effort with their appearance in a bid to look fashionable, trendy and in generally good-looking. While the women of the world are often considered the one’s to make a lot of effort with their appearance, it seems a higher percentage of men are spending more time and money to look the part – but not in a way that you would expect.

What Kind of Wardrobe is Good for Suits?

It seems that the latest trend in the world of men’s fashion is suits. While suits have always been fashionable, you wouldn’t have expected to see a great deal of men wearing suits in previous years.

Nowadays, men seem to care more about their appearance, taking the time to purchase a range of suits to enhance their wardrobe ready for a variety of occasions. Going on a date? Wear a suit. A day at the races? Wear a suit. 9-5 job in an office where there is no specific dress code? Wear a suit anyway to look the part.

Tailored suits are the new trend

Suits are now considered to be super trendy, with more and more men learning the fine art of wearing a suit and dressing to impress. For a lot of men, wearing a suit is the done thing. Some men will have worn suits most of their adult life and will understand the importance of a good suit and how to look after it. If you are part of the latest generation of men coming through that are just starting to wear suits, however, there are some things you should know about owning suits and how to look after them.

Suit Wardrobe

As someone that is new to wearing suits, you’ve probably never had any real need for a wardrobe. Most of the clothes you have worn growing up have probably lived in a chest of drawers. While drawers are good for jeans and your day-to-day T-shirts, your suits certainly can’t live in drawers!

Every man that wear suits should have a wardrobe to hang them neatly. Not only will your wardrobe give your suits a place to live, it can keep them looking new, for longer.

What kind of wardrobe is good for suits?

A run of the mill wardrobe will usually do the trick if you are beginning to wear suits, but there are better options out there.

Sliding wardrobes are perfect for any man that owns an array of suits, with different shirts, jackets, trousers and shoes. A sliding wardrobe will provide you with interior storage to make looking after you suits easy.

The internal storage in your wardrobe is crucial when it comes to organising your suits and looking after them properly – and this is where a sliding wardrobe can come in handy. Different storage options can be considered depending on how you want to organise your suits.

The right storage will have different places for each item to live, with shelves for shoes and rails for your jackets. You can hang your shirts as well or fold them neatly in a different section altogether, if you want to segment things more efficiently. Ties and belts can have their own place to live too, if you opt for a sliding wardrobe with drawers. Your cufflinks and other suit accessories can be stored here as well!

Why are Sliding Wardrobes Best for Suits?

Rather than trying to cram your suits into a closet or hanging them on the back of chairs, your suits will have a proper place to live with adequate space to hang neatly. Creased or wrinkled suits will only require more maintenance, meaning they won’t last as long and will look older, faster.

If you are spending decent money to have a range of deluxe suits, you should take extra care to store them properly in a wardrobe that cares for what’s inside. With spacious interiors and a variety of storage solutions, designed to make organising your clothes easier, a sliding wardrobe is the perfect answer for anyone looking for a way to organise their suits more efficiently.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

An interior designer will be tasked with creating usable and visually pleasing architectural spaces inside a physical structure. Interior design professionals typically study the behaviours and movements of individuals in the working and living environment, this is to help create spaces which are both attractive and functional.

The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Interior designers may also perform the interior decorating work on the spaces that they design. An interior designer may also perform the interior decorating work on the spaces they design. An interior decorator is different, they wont design the space which they work in. Instead interior decorators focus on the furnishing, wall and floor treatments and artistic touches that will help to provide ambience and atmosphere to the interior space.


Most interior design professionals will be employed by a construction or architectural firm, they will work in conjunction with builders and architects to design usable spaces for a variety of human activities. In other cases, interior designers may be called upon to create functional and beautiful set of interior spaces for a property. Interior design experts work for builders and contractors rather than directly for private individuals.

Interior decorators are typically hired by homeowners to improve the visual appeal of an existing space. The interior décor experts usually specialise in commercial or residential spaces and will use lighting, wall treatments, flooring, furnishings and accessories to help create a pleasing look.

The benefits of hiring an interior designer

The services of a qualified interior designer are crucial when it comes to creating usable spaces for working and living. Contractors and builders depend on these professionals to provide them with dvice on a variety of ergonomic and acoustic issues, as well as help in the design of lighting and traffic flow patterns that make sense in the specific interior environment.

Homeowners can benefit from the help of an interior designer or decorator when it comes to remodelling or revamping their living or working areas. Interior decorators are knowledgeable about the effects of colour and the right use of accessories to create an illusion of greater space or to provide a cosy, comfortable environment for everyday living.