Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Here at Sliding Robes Direct we are firm believers that the sliding wardrobe has far more benefit than that of your conventional wardrobe. With a choice of finishes and colours available, the properties of sliding wardrobes are similar to stand alone wardrobes, but there is much more to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a sliding one…

1) Space saver - It might seem like you are cutting off a large chunk of your room to have your sliding wardrobe doors installed but in actual fact you are saving space, due to the fact you will no longer have doors that extend out into your room. This means much less space is needed to be left in between your wardrobe and other features of your room.

2) Holding your own weight - You can attach full length mirrors and other accessories to your sliding doors without the worry of damaging the hinges. Stand-alone wardrobe doors are limited to the weight they can maintain as they are held up by just a few hinges. Sliding wardrobes and much more beneficial in this department as they can hold far more weight than your conventional wardrobes.

3) Broader openings - You can gain access to far more of your wardrobe in one go as you slide your doors wide open. With normal wardrobes you can’t do this as you usually have to close one door to open another. Because of the broader openings, you can fit your wardrobes with internal storage systems which are practical and look good too!

4) Not just a modern look - Sliding wardrobes are generally considered a modern answer to bedroom storage but with so many different images and finishes available, you can find a match for your more traditional home.

5)  Limitless - Sliding Wardrobes aren't just limited to your bedroom. You can use them all over your home as a principle feature of practical storage space. Thinking of de-cluttering your garage and making it more spacious? Install sliding doors and keep everything in one neat and tidy place.

6) In your Living Room - In the modern age, living rooms have a tendency to accumulate lots of DVD’s, CD’s, magazines and new technologies. Most of the time, these things are kept of shelves or left on some kind of surface e.g coffee table. sliding wardrobes offer you the opportunity to create a media hub where all your items can be stored in one dust-free and damage protected place.

7) Hallways - Every hallway in every house is susceptible to a bit of mayhem, in terms of coating, bags and shoes. Install a sliding wardrobe and you will instantly have a place to store all these things, as well as hats, scarves and gloves, without the cluttered appearance that you would get without one.

Hopefully this has given you more of an insight into why sliding wardrobes are so popular and maybe convinced you into purchasing one yourself in the near future!

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