Friday, 22 August 2014

Made to Measure Reflex Sliding Doors

Sliding Robes Direct are one of the best in the home furnishing business. We offer a range of furniture options for your house, which are only of the highest quality.

One such product is the reflex sliding doors. These are made to measure sliding wardrobe doors which can make a very nice addition to the home and will provide a customised look to any bedroom. They fit excellently into any home.

The reflex frame is made from aluminium which is a very good material for them to be composed of as it is durable and lasts for a long time. Essentially, this means that you save money when you buy these doors as you will not have to buy a replacement for a long time.

With 12 different glass panel finishes and 8 wood effect finishes available, we supply a fine array of options for customising these sliding doors. This is useful as it means you can put your own personal touch to your bedroom and really give it some charisma which it by all means deserves.

The sliding doors are easy to manipulate and slide without any problems and are quite convenient and easily accessible for accessing the contents of your wardrobe efficiently. They have a horizontal handrail in the middle of them for opening the product which again adds to its simplicity. This is just one of the many key features of the product.

Furthermore, being made to measure means it will fit into your bedroom perfectly and it will be just the size you need, which is something rival wardrobes cannot match. The chance to design your own sliding doors is one which should not be passed up. They can be easily adjusted as well for optimum comfort and simplicity. They are a great product with many positive attributes.

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