Monday, 26 January 2015

Quick and Easy Design Tips to Spruce up your Bedroom

As experts in the field of design and installation, Sliding Robes are here to give you advice and tips where possible in regards to home improvements.

With years of experience working in the field, we understand more than anyone how difficult it can be for some people to get into the DIY spirit, or to know how to actually do some things… We’ve come across plenty of DIY-aphobes recently and thought maybe it’s about time to give you some advice and tips to help you give your bedroom that much needed refreshment.

...but where do you start?

A lot of people admit they are too scared to take that first step and jump feet first into the decorating pond. Some say they don’t know what they are doing, others say they are scared they will mess things up, but with our simple advice, you could take giant leaps forward in creating a bedroom look that you fall in love with!

With so many ideas and inspirations out there, all you need to do is a little bit of research and find out what you want to achieve. Having a clear idea in your head is the first step in making your bedroom somewhere that you love to be.

Imagine a blank canvas… pure white, and not even a speck of dust causing disruption to your furniture space. Now start with the bigger pieces of furniture like your bed, your wardrobe, your chest of drawers maybe? Are these where you want them to be? If they are, then you can now begin to think about paints, fabrics, and possibly even flooring. Often, a lick of paint and a new set of curtains can be enough to give your bedroom that rejuvenation it needs!

If you are struggling for ideas, why not ask others for their input? Or how about creating a mood board with all your thoughts about colours and fabrics on? This can be a big help in terms of deciding how you want your bedroom to look!

Having all your ideas in one place and coming up with a final concept in key.. If you try to include too many elements, you may end up with a room that looks like the periodic table.. or Joseph and his technicolour dream coat… and nobody wants that… OUCH!

So, how do you decorate your room?

Once your ideas are all in place, you need to fill any cracks and holes with filler, sand the surface down, and make sure your walls are as smooth as they can be.. the same applies to wallpaper if you plan to strip this and use paint instead. An even surface is vital if you are to achieve the desired effect in the long run.

Before you start decorating, clear your room of all furniture, leaving yourself with an empty space to work with.. remember that blank canvas?

Now lay some dust sheets to protect your flooring or carpet, and get yourself ready to put some hard work in! Rollers at the ready, brushes in position, no one can stop you now….