Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Essentials of a Dream Wardrobe

How to Design the Perfect Wardrobe

So you may expect to find essentials for having the perfect wardrobe in terms of clothing trends or outfits, but we’re here to make sure that from the outside, your wardrobe itself looks flawless. Sliding Robes Direct have researched the essentials of a dream wardrobe and how to design the perfect wardrobe, to help you achieve your goal in making sure your wardrobe looks amazing both in how you wear it and how it fits your storage needs.

From a walk-in wardrobe complete with sliding doors around to a sliding wardrobe designed with every storage component required to organise everything accordingly, we have covered all aspects of the ‘perfect wardrobe’ to make sure that there is a beautiful closet design for everyone, that also caters to their every need.

Starting With The Interior

In order to make sure that all of your precious clothing, shoes and accessories are stored and put away correctly, we are starting off with the interior. The interior of your wardrobe is what matters most. This is where you will be able to design your wardrobe exactly to your specific needs. Here, you can decide how many shoe racks, rails, draws etc. you require in your wardrobe.

Our online Interior Design tool allows you to design all of the most important aspects of your wardrobe, from a shoe rack to rails for tops, dresses and trousers we have every possibility covered. In order to help you when designing your dream interior wardrobe, we have came up with a few ‘essentials’ to make sure you have a wardrobe with the WOW factor. This is in no way the rules of interiors but inspiration to help you get the ideal wardrobe to suit your specific needs and taste.

You Can Never Have Too Many Shoes!

Male or female, you will agree with us in saying you can never have too many shoes. Be it trainers or heels, shoes are life. So why not show off your collection with pride with a designated shoe rack specifically for your most used or favourite shoes?

Full Length Mirror

So your outfit is ‘on fleek’ but you don’t know what to do next? Take a ‘selfie’ of course! Make sure that you have a full length mirror or mirrored sliding door to help get that perfect image. This way you can see what your outfit looks like from all angles without running out of the mirror length and having to kneel down.

Drawers for Accessories

Our interior panels have been critically designed to fit anything from vest tops to jewellery. No matter if you’re looking to have drawers for all your favourite tops or to create compartments for watches, Sliding Robes Direct have your every need covered. Come and shop online today using our interior design tool or dream big and just have a go! It’s fun to do and it’s free to design...

Whether you’re looking to have just the interior of your wardrobe designed with Sliding Robes Direct or your entire wardrobe, our team are here to bring your dreams to life. We offer a range of Made to Measure and Standard Sized doors to suit any taste and room. Simply shop online with us today to figure out which design is best for you. Happy Shopping! We hope to hear from you soon.