Friday, 17 February 2017

Different Types of Wardrobe Fronts

As you may already be aware, we have a range of wardrobe doors available both for made to measure and standard size wardrobes. With each of these sizes, we’re able to offer multiple designs for the front of your door. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary look or a simple mirrored finish, Sliding Robes Direct have the answer. To demonstrate our different types of wardrobe fronts, we’re going to showcase our selection in this blog post. The fronts that we go for have been specially chosen so that we have a design to suit everyone's tastes. So sit back, scroll away and uncover our different type of wardrobe fronts below...


Working on a budget? Then our budget style doors are your new best friend. The budget doors may sound basic, but they’re far from it! They leave a stylish finish to any room, but without a pricey cost. These doors can be designed to suit any room or even make the room, whether you go for standard budget doors or made to measure budget doors, you won’t be disappointed with the quality from Sliding Robes Direct.


Our Neptune style front is current available in just made to measure. This won’t be a problem for anyone looking for a stunning look to their bedroom as this door is sure to achieve it! The Neptune made to measure doors are designed to have a horizontal stripe with two or more colours. This helps define the finish of the doors and is a extremely popular choice.


A classic look. The mirrored doors will help you to make a statement of your own. Whether you go for a simple look or really bold, the Mirage windows will see you right. We have standard mirage doors and made to measure mirage doors available.


This style speaks for itself. The Glam wardrobe doors are a perfect look for any bedroom. Offering a contemporary yet bold finish, the Glam wardrobes are a great wardrobe design for modern homes. We have a range of colours and finishes available too, to help ensure that your wardrobe suits you and your tastes. This front can be purchased as either standard glam doors or made to measure glam doors, the choice is all yours.


For a simple yet elegant look, the Domalti front is what you need. We have a range of colours available to help suit any room or decoration. This style works perfectly for bedrooms that focus on other key points or furniture as it is designed with one colour. By no means will this take away from the quality, it just allows other areas of the bedroom to be the main focus. Both our standard Domalti doors and made to measure Domalti doors are just as impressive as our others, they just support other areas of the room.