Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How to prepare for your new wardrobe

Measuring your wardrobe door size

Before selecting your interior doors, it’s vital to get your measurements right, you should make sure that you remember to measure the frame itself rather than the existing doors.

Frame width

In total you should take three different measurements of the doors width, one from the top, one from the bottom and one from the middle of the door frame, the widest of these three measurements determine the width of the new doors.


Allow space for any floor coverings and remember that doors can be planed but not made any bigger.
After you’ve take your measurements you can then compare them with the types you need in your chosen style. At Sliding Robes we offer a bespoke service so we ensure you’ll find something great to suit your preferences.

Choosing a style

Whether you require a modern or classic look, at Sliding Robes we have an extensive selection of styles available including…


Working to a budget? Then our Budget style doors are a great option, they may sound basic, but they are in fact very far from it! They provide a classic edge to any room and are excellent value for money.


The Glam range is designed to give a contemporary yet bold finish, they’re a great design for modern homes and include a range of colours and finishes.


Our made to measure Neptune style fronts give a horizontal stripe with other colours, helping to give a great finish.


The Domalti range gives a simple but very elegant feel and is great for most rooms, they’re a good choice for rooms which focus on key points or furniture as they are designed with one colour.


Our Mirage range is very classic and really creates a statement within a room, should you prefer a bold look or a more simply wardrobe, our mirage range is the one for you.


Our Heritage range are bespoke yet simple and come in 6 colours including silver and wood with single mirror glass or wood panels.


The Shaker range is a stunning choice and can create either a traditional or contemporary feel to suit your room.


Reflex is an exciting and modern wardrobe, they’re made to measure and can be framed with a minimal aluminium which can incorporate a handle.

At Sliding Robes, we work with your preferences and your budget, we aim to make sure we provide a durable stylish and spacious wardrobe that is value for money.

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  1. I just love your heritage range!

    Our fitted wardrobes are also made from the best materials and as we are sure they are built to last, we give a 10 year guarantee on all products. What is your guarantee?