Monday, 12 June 2017

How to organise your wardrobe

Are you familiar with the feeling of being attacked with all your belongings when you open your wardrobe? Are your clothes' rails dropping and are you desperately in the need for more storage space in your wardrobe? Then don’t worry, you aren’t the only one struggling with this chaotic messy wardrobe.

Take a look at these top tips for an organised and manageable wardrobe layout…

Clean and write a list

Make the job easier by making sure that the space around your wardrobe is clean, that way you’ll prevent clothes from getting dirty. Before taking all of your clothes out of your wardrobe, it doesn’t hurt to make a list of how many items you require. Make a decision on how many shirts, blouses, or shoes to keep a hold of. You may end up having fewer things to choose from but you’ll undoubtedly become more creative and better at combining things in new ways.

How to organise your wardrobe

Clean your wardrobe

Now take your clothes out of the wardrobe, sort them into different piles, for example split them into the following categories…
  • Keep – use your list as a guideline
  • Store – pack away seasonal clothes (for example summer and winter), choose practical storage boxes and baskets for easy storage of seasonal clothes, underwear and shoes
  • Throw away – Get rid of worn-out clothes, that are beyond repair or clothes you have not worn for one or more years
  • Give away or sell – pass on any clothes which no longer fit you or which you bought by mistake

Invest in wardrobe storage

After the hard work of sorting and tidying-up all your clothes, it’s time to design your new wardrobe, if it is a minimalist and a clean look that you are after, you could choose a white or brightly coloured wardrobe, if you are looking for a romantic, rustic style, the alternative is a wooden wardrobe for a cosier ambience.

Whatever style you are after, in most cases you can say that a bedroom without a wardrobe is like a sitting room without a sofa. The two are inseparable, so choose a wardrobe that matches the d├ęcor of your bedroom. There are many options for creating a unique and personal style, spend sometime coming up with different ideas about that style would suit you best when selecting a wardrobe.

Organising the wardrobe with fixed places

Whether you are the minimalist, colourful, vibrant, creative or romantic type, this all makes easy to keep an overview. Allocate the areas for your clothes, whether it’s on particular shelves, in drawers, a sock drawer or an area for accessories. Get some coat hangers to protect your clothes and allow your favourite frocks and fancy jackets to hand as decoration on a decorative clothes rail.

Have a good tidy up

Then enjoy what you have created, fresh new energy in your wardrobe, so make sure your consistent and tidy and clean your wardrobe frequently. Introduce good tidying up habits and stick to the rules of wardrobe storage and fixed places for your belongings.