Thursday, 17 August 2017

Can’t Afford an Interior Designer?

If like many of us, money doesn’t multiply after every second and you can’t afford an interior designer, Sliding Robes Direct have some free advice. Featured within this blog post, we are going to giveaway 7 tips on how to get an interior design finish with very little cost. If you follow each piece of advice and enrol them within your home, you will achieve a showstopping finish. Let’s begin....

1. De-clutter

Before you start your interior design process, de-clutter your room. You will also need to pick a theme or colour scheme for your room prior to designing so that everything stays in the style. Be prepared to say goodbye to some of the things in the room, but believe us it’s worth it.

2. High Street Homes

Some of the best pieces of furniture and accessories come from high street shops. Whether it’s a lampshade or cushions, your interior design is even more do-able with a high street price tag. Check out all of the best, well-known high street home stores before you begin to decorate and save, save, save!

3. Statement Piece

Have a statement piece in each of your rooms. This will give a showstopping finish to your room leaving your guests thinking ‘Just wow’. And that’s what you want, right? Go for a bold colour, unique pattern or vibrant accessory and work it within your design.

4. Choose the Right Colour

If you’re working with a small room, paint it in a softer, lighter colour as this will give the impression that the room is larger. For small rooms, avoid dark colours as it will make the room appear smaller than it already is. With larger rooms, work it to your advantage and even try out a feature wall.

5. Mirrors

No room is finished without a stunning mirror. So why not go all out with a decorative mirror to instantly add light to the room? Your mirror will make small spaces feel larger as well as adding natural light. Plus, with more natural light in the room, you will warm up the feeling of the room much easier.

For your bedroom, why not invest in a Hollywood mirror? The light bulbs can help to add sparkle and glamour, whilst making it easier for the ladies to apply make-up or do their hair in a more professional light.

6. Fake It ‘Till You Make It

If your property has low ceilings, create the illusion for higher ceilings by using low furniture. Fake the height with low furniture and this will make the room appear to be a regular size. Just because you have a low rise ceiling, doesn’t mean you can’t be on trend with interior design.

7. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match designs and textures. If you’re working with a black and grey scheme, what’s stopping you from adding in a pastel pink? When used correctly, mix and match rooms work really well and can benefit both colours or designs. If you really want to stand out, try charity shops or second hand shops for a edgy or unique piece.

Finally, Choose a Sliding Wardrobe

With a ten year guarantee on all of our sliding wardrobes, what’s stopping you from choosing Sliding Robes Direct? Our range has been designed to suit all styles, homes and budgets. So no matter if you’re looking for a Glam Made to Measure or Classic Standard Size wardrobe, the Sliding Robes Direct team are here to help.