Monday, 23 October 2017

How a Sliding Wardrobe Can Transform your Bedroom

Unlike the conventional wardrobe, fitted or sliding wardrobes will usually be built into the walls so that they can’t be moved. This is what makes them a permanent feature of your home, as you would be less inclined to take it with you when moving to a new house. With the wide range of wardrobe options out there today, we’d like to explain how a sliding wardrobe can transform your bedroom and why you should consider investing in one for your home.

Benefits of Sliding Doors


Many would say that the biggest benefit of the sliding wardrobe is its versatility and flexibility. Being able to customise doors in a way to suit the theme of your home is a huge benefit, with partitions and storage solutions enabling people to customise the wardrobe interiors too. Panels and frames are also versatile. You can combine a range of designs to find a result that suits the theme of the room. From traditional to contemporary, the design of sliding doors are extremely versatile.


A sliding wardrobe can act as your all-in-one storage solution, providing you with a means of storing all kinds of personal belongings, from clothes to shoes, bedding and more!

Drawers, hanging rails and shelving can be used to create an interior that works for you. If you have a clear idea in your head of what you need to store, it can make it easier to design your made to measure wardrobe online.

How a Sliding Wardrobe Can Transform your Bedroom


Sliding wardrobes can make use of awkward floor space in unusual shaped rooms, exploiting the opportunity for furniture and storage. When space is limited, sliding doors come in handy. A set of drawers or a free standing wardrobe just won’t cut it when you have lots to store and little space to work with. Doors don’t need to open outwards. Sideways sliding means you can position other furniture closer to the doors than you usually would with a standing wardrobe.


Installing sliding doors can be made easy if you have a small background in DIY. You don’t need a masters in engineering to install the doors, so you won’t need to hire anyone to do it for you. If you feel condiment enough, take the time to find if sliding doors will fit before making any purchase. This way you can be certain that the doors will fit prior to installation. There are wardrobe experts out there that can fit the doors for you if you are unsure, although we tend to find most customers find installation quite easy when they take the time to learn the steps.

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