Wednesday, 18 April 2018

5 Practical Home Improvements

Ultra Convenient Home Improvement Tips to Improve the Functionality of your Home

Quite often, a homeowner’s emphasis will be on creating a home that looks nice – but what about the functionality?

How can you improve the ‘convenience’ of your home?

There are several ways you can improve the functionality of your home to make it more convenient. Whether you have a large family, a worn-out garden or a lack of space, we look at 5 home improvement tips that can help to make your home a more practical and convenient place to live.

1. Introducing a Sliding Wardrobe

Lack of storage space is a widespread problem for people with lots of ‘stuff’. A new sliding wardrobe can help to create more space in your bedroom, creating a dedicated area for more than just hanging clothes. Shoes, bedding, personal items, accessories, board games and a whole host of other things can live in your sliding wardrobe, in a neat and tidy fashion. Different internal storage can be considered too, with drawers, shelves and baskets all available to help you personalize your wardrobe’s interior.

If you are looking to create more space in your home by giving your possessions a place to live, a practical sliding wardrobe should definitely be considered.

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2. Installing Underfloor Heating

If radiators are causing you problems with your furniture positioning, underfloor heating can always be considered. Your local plumbing and heating company will be able to remove your current radiators and replace the main heat source of your home with an underfloor alternative.

Underfloor heating is a practical home improvement. Not only does it create extra wall space for cabinets, shelves and other pieces of furniture, it provides a more effective way to distribute heat throughout your home. With radiators, you will sometimes get little pockets of hot air around where the radiators are installed. With underfloor heating, heat can be dispersed evenly throughout each room of your home. This means less energy will need to be used to heat a room and you can potentially save money in the long-term.

3. Consider an Additional Bathroom

If you have a family of 4, 5 or even 6, the bathroom situation can be a real nuisance sometimes – especially if you only have one household bathroom for all to use. Waiting to use the loo when someone is in the shower or vice versa can cause sibling disputes and arguments between one another. Hold ups when you need to have a quick shower and go out can cause irritation whilst Dad occupies the toilet and reads the paper.

En-suites and additional bathrooms are a practical addition to your home, creating a secondary area to wash, get ready and you know, do your business. If the bathroom situation causes daily ruckus in your home, it might be worth having an additional bathroom installed in your home. After purchasing a new bathroom suite, you'll need to call your local plumber to install it for you.

4. A New Garden Patio

If your backyard is made up primarily of grass, then you may not be utilising your outdoor living space as best as you can be. The addition of a garden patio can mean you have space for BBQ’s, outdoor furniture, such as swings and seating, and in general more space to live outside.

A garden patio is an excellent way of adding practicality to your home. Your local paving and patio company will be able to provide you with any details regarding patio design and installation.

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5. Additional Plug Sockets

In older homes, you may only get one or two sockets per room, meaning extensions will often be required to let you plug all your electrical appliances in. Not only is this a fire hazard, it is highly inconvenient. Having to unplug one appliance to plug in another is time consuming, tedious and unnecessary.

Having additional sockets installed and evenly dispersed throughout each room means you don’t have to load up extensions or spend time swapping plugs about when you need to do the hoovering or charge your phone. Modern day sockets even come with USB ports, so you can plug your phones and tablets directly into the wall with a USB cable.

Your local electrician will usually be able to provide you with any additional plug sockets you require. They may even be able to discuss rewiring with you if your home is particularly old. Old and worn out wires are another fire hazard that can be avoided by replacing them with new wires – and what’s more inconvenient than a fire in your home?