Friday, 30 March 2018

Introducing the NEW Sliding Robes Website

Say HELLO to the brand-new website within the Sliding Robes division:

Sliding Robes New Website

What’s it FOR?

The site was built with the aim of separating high-end, luxury wardrobes from standard sliding wardrobes. comes complete with a new, innovative, online wardrobe builder, allowing for easy and effective wardrobe design and creation.

Sliding robes Wardrobe Builder

Create your DREAM! Wardrobe

Experiment with different frame colours, panel layouts, panel colours and additional options to complete your dream wardrobe.

Choose from a wide range of made to measure door options, including:

  • Economy
  • Flux
  • Alpha
  • Reflex
  • Vega Curved
  • Venus Etched
  • Tess Minimal
Play with different wardrobe designs to create the wardrobe of your dreams online.

We now give you MORE!

As with Sliding Robes Direct, the new Sliding Robes website provides a wide range of options for tailoring the inside of your sliding wardrobe. Wardrobe interiors and other style-matching bedroom furniture can also be purchased to help you complete the look.

Unique Range

Helpful information relating to delivery, measurements, installation and finance can all be found easily through the ‘helpful info’ section of the website location in the navigation.

Shop online TODAY!

Build a unique, luxury wardrobe with a style that suits your tastes and a price that you can afford. Head over to today and check out the exclusive wardrobe ranges we have available.