Friday, 24 October 2014

Changes at Sliding Robes Direct

There’s been quite a few changes recently at Sliding Robes Direct and a few which we’d love to tell you about. Before we start however, we’d like to remind you that our upcoming website is still under construction but we are currently making final tweaks and hoping to be live before the end of the month.

Online Shop

It’s all systems go at Sliding Robes though, as we have recently introduced some great new products and website features. First up is the “reconstruction” of our ‘Online Shop’, which some of you might have seen. This now looks more like this..  

We made the changes to our online-shop purposefully to allow for easier functioning of the site, and as we have recently added some new products, it seemed only fitting to give our shop the much deserved uplift it needed. It’s far more easier to navigate to items you are looking for which in turn, allows for ease of purchasing. Pop over and see for yourself:-

Soft Close Upgrades

Here at Sliding Robes we always try to give you as much as possible in terms of what you can buy and what you can achieve. Because of this, we have introduced ‘Soft close’ upgrades, which are available on all standard sized doors.

After you have played with our design tool and chosen your perfect wardrobe, you will be able to see a screen similar to the one below which gives you the option to upgrade to Soft Close Track Systems. For £50 per door, you can get your hands on a higher quality of track which minimises sound and allows for a far more elegant sliding experience.  

Supreme & Premium Doors

As we move forward into a new generation where high quality interiors mean everything, Sliding Robes have used our innovative minds to bring you more.

More doesn’t always mean better though, but in this circumstance, it definitely does. With the introduction of our Supreme and Premium Doors, we give you more to choose from, and with these new choices comes deluxe builds and high quality manufacturing. As you can see below, our Supreme Sliding Doors are truly magnificent and will add a touch of class to any bedroom or home:-

Budget Doors

Sliding Robes love catering for everyones needs.

In essence, we are the hosts of a party and you beautiful people are the attendee’s. Now we aren’t physically capable of throwing a party with an open bar, but we are able to bring you quality drinks at low, low prices. And by drinks, we mean Sliding Wardrobe Doors of course.

By joining our online party, you will be able to discover our fantastic new range of wardrobe doors, which has been originally dubbed, ‘Budget’.

This range of doors has been specifically brought in for people who need a more spacious wardrobe, those who want to utilize their space, and those who have a restricted budget.

Now you can purchase your dream wardrobe for a reduced cost!

New Panel Colours

Before we leave, we have one more thing to tell you about.

On top of the other changes we have been talking about, we have also introduced new panel colours within our Made to Measure Range.

This includes: Linen, Wood & Blue Shadow, and Grey Mirror Glass Colours.

Make sure you visit us online and have a play about with our new features and discover our new products as you do so.

If you would like more information about any of our new website features please be sure to give us a call on: 0845 869 6737.

We hope to hear from you soon!