Friday, 5 December 2014

Digital Media - Moving Forward

There’s been some massive changes at Sliding Robes Direct recently as we look to broaden our product range and bring you more and more. Even though our up and coming website has taken some minor set backs after a proposed October/November launch, we are still hopeful of getting it live in 2014 and showing you our beautiful kitchen and bedroom range.

Kitchens and bedrooms aside, Sliding Robes have been extremely busy working on things wardrobe related and looking for ways in which we can improve the service we offer. 

Some companies like to chuck products and marketing at you without showing you the true benefits of their products and how they work but we don’t like to do this. We are all about giving something back to our customers and showing you the true value of choosing us as a company.

In the modern era, online media is becoming one of the most valuable tools for companies like ourselves who want to engage with our customers and show them various different things. Sliding Robes have been looking for new ways to do this and think we have found the answer.

Introducing George Clarke & Omega PLC

Everybody loves a TV celebrity. Especially one who is exceptionally talented and recognised in the field of what they do. 

As you can see from the heading above, we have been hard at work developing our relationship with George Clarke, and thankfully for you, our trusty customers, we have managed to take giant leaps forward and come up with new ways in which we can bring you more.

So for those of you who don’t know, George Clarke is an architect and the Creative Director of architectural practice George Clarke and Partners. He is also a recognised TV presenter, as well as a writer and lecturer. With his love for architecture and all things design, George Clarke was the perfect candidate to fulfill our media role.

George Clarke - Creative Director, Presenter, Writer, Lecturer
Going forward, George Clarke will be the face of Sliding Robes Direct videos, as well as Kitchens and Bedrooms Direct videos. These videos will cover various different aspects of the interior design world, something George loves and something which he is very keen to teach others about.

With his impressive background in architecture and his passion for teaching, we are sure you will love the videos we will be providing you with in the coming months.

It doesn’t stop there though, we are still looking to bring you more, and Omega PLC are a big part of this.

George Clarke is the brand ambassador of Omega PLC (a company which we have admired for a long time), and by working closely with both George Clarke and Omega PLC, we are hoping that Kitchens and Bedrooms Direct will be a massive success in the future.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Omega PLC, they design, manufacture, and market, beautiful kitchens and kitchen furniture. Once up and running properly, Kitchens and Bedrooms Direct will be proud suppliers of the Omega PLC range, which means you will be able to purchase and enjoy beautiful modern and classic kitchens which feature the latest innovations and design features.

It’s exciting times for us moving forward as we develop relationships with TV celebs and expand our product range to include luxurious kitchens and kitchen furniture.

We’ll keep you posted on developments soon in regards to both Omega products and videos from George Clarke, but we are sure it won’t be long until we are able to show you new innovative products and online media.

Thanks for reading, we’ll check back in soon.

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