Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Sliding Robes are experts when it comes to all things home and interior design related. Although we specialise in Sliding Wardrobe Doors, it doesn't mean our knowledge is restricted to just this, and with that being said, we'd like to give you a broader insight into the world of interior design whenever we get time to share our views with you.
Below we have listed a few tips to making small bedrooms appear bigger, which may seem impossible at first but once you try it yourself, you will soon see the light!

Tips for Making Small Bedrooms Appear Bigger

When you have a small bedroom it is easy to feel like you do not have the space to allow you to do everything with the room that you would want. However, by following these simple tips, you can create much more space than you thought was possible in even the smallest of bedrooms.

Think Carefully About Colours

Choosing a neutral colour for your bedroom would make the room seem brighter, and therefore larger, but it may not give you the type of vibrant look that you want for your bedroom.

If you decide to be adventurous and choose a bright, bold colour then this can provide your room with a real focal point that you will instantly be drawn to as soon as you enter the room. Using contrasting colour schemes can enhance the appearance of the main colour that is used in the room.

In order to make the room seem lighter, it is a good idea to break up big blocks of colour on the walls with some form of decoration, such as a canvas or poster.

Make Use Of Hidden Storage

When you have a small bedroom, it may be difficult to fit in as much storage space as you need. Bedrooms tend to be rooms that become quite cluttered anyway and this problem becomes worse when you only have limited space to work with.

There are a number of storage options that are available to you, even if you have limited space. One of the most important things that you need to look for is storage solutions that won't take up any more floor space than is absolutely necessary, especially if you already have a wardrobe and chest of drawers in the room.

One way to make more space is to install sliding wardrobes into your bedroom. As these wardrobes fit into your existing wall space, they free up floor space that would be taken up by a traditional wardrobe. They can also add a touch of style to the room.

Another option is to purchase a bed that has storage space underneath it. This type of bed can usually be lifted up easily for you to access the items that you have stored there. If you don't want to have to do this too often then you could use the space for things that you don't need access to every day.

Use Shelving Wisely

Shelving can be an excellent storage solution in rooms that do not have a lot of floor space. For example, there may not be room for a bookcase, but books can be placed on shelves. Shelving also has the advantage of being a useful feature of the room that can help break up plain walls.