Monday, 27 April 2015

What to Consider When You Buy Sliding Wardrobe Doors

There are a few things to consider before purchasing sliding wardrobe doors. Having worked in the industry for many years, and advising hundreds of people on the best course of action to take, Sliding Robes Direct have the skills and experience to help you moving forward. Take the time to read our latest edition which looks at 3 different elements relating to sliding doors, and hopefully this will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision...


This is often overlooked when buying and installing new sliding wardrobe doors. If you don’t have any idea of the wardrobe doors’ sizing to correctly fit your individual bedroom, you could be on the wrong course and could very well succeed in running out of room for your door installation. Taking stock of how much room you have available can help you to accurately predict and make your choice of how many sliding doors you need plus their overall shape and size.


Another important aspect that bears considering prior to purchasing your sliding wardrobe doors is accessibility. You should first consider how you wish the storage to function and what you're planning to utilize your wardrobe for. It should be noted here that many of the finest wardrobe door products offer storage that is easily accessible. Take into consideration if you want to have wire baskets, pullout rails, drawing units, or shelves. Also consider whether you want those shelves beside the sliding doors, above or below in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to also take into consideration how close any of these should be in relationship to the doors and the ease of reaching items without obstruction.


It is also very important to consider the look and feel that you desire in your sliding doors. This is where design comes into play. You could go for a number of made-to-measure wardrobes. Some have mirrored doors and many are quite unique when it comes to design and shape. Colour can be equally important, especially since there a numerous available colours for choosing from. Sometimes this myriad of choices can get confusing for some people. But, remember that there are actually only three major colour categories of wardrobe panels that you have to choose from, so the choice simply depends upon the overall theme that exists in your office, bedroom or living room along with your personal taste. You could choose either a bold or a neutral wardrobe panel. On the other hand, if the choice of just one colour seems boring to you, you could break up the colours you choose into blocks for a more exciting look.