Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sliding Wardrobes - Installation

Sliding wardrobes are a very practical solution that will offer you a lot more space in your bedroom. They are not expensive to purchase, and it is possible to install them yourself which makes them a very cost effective option. If you are installing them yourself there are five key parts of the installation process that you will need to get right which Sliding Robes Direct have looked into below:

1. Get The Right Measurements. It is important that the measurements for the doors are correct at this stage to avoid problems later on. It may be possible for you to purchase doors that have already been made as long as the measurements are correct, and when you know what the measurements are you will know whether the doors you are looking at are suitable.

2. Paint The Doors If Required. You may have already purchased the doors for your wardrobe in the colour that you want, but if not painting them should be a relatively easy job. It is much easier to paint the doors before they are installed and repaint any areas that do become damaged. 

3. Remove Old Doors If Necessary. If you are simply replacing the doors of sliding wardrobes, then the old doors will need to be removed. They can often be lifted out of the tracks when the locking switch has been released. The old tracks will also need to be removed as the new doors may not fit correctly.

4. Cut The New Tracks To Size And Install. If you have existing tracks, then they can be used to measure the length of the new tracks. The tracks will usually have to be cut to size and a small hacksaw will often be the best tool to use for this job. Once the tracks have been cut to size then they can be attached to the doorway using holes that should be in place already for screws to be placed through. Always ensure that the surface is level before the tracks are installed.

5. The New Doors Are Ready To Be Installed. Once the tracks are in place, then the doors can be installed by just sliding them into place. You will need to make sure that the locking switch is open before the doors are installed, and once they are in place the switch can be closed again. The doors can then be checked to make sure that they close properly, and if necessary then any minor adjustments can be made.

Whatever look you are trying to achieve, Sliding Robes can assist you along the way, giving advice and guidance where possible. We offer a wide range of sliding wardrobe options, which you can view by heading over to our website and selecting an option to suit!

With standard size and made to measure options available, the power is definitely in your hands!