Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Why Choose Sliding Wardrobes?

Do you long for more space in your bedrooms, which makes the space you have look amazing? Then sliding wardrobes will solve all of your problems! Sliding wardrobes improve the look of any given room instantly, leaving you with a remarkable amount of space. The doors are sleek and styled giving the feel of absolute luxury. Sliding wardrobes maximize the space of any room and are a great storage solution and hides clutter in a instant.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors For Your Home

Here are 5 of Sliding Robes Direct's main reasons why we feel that sliding wardrobes are a great choice for any room.

Save Space in Your Room

Even in a small space, sliding wardrobes give you a incredible amount of storage you may never of knew you had. Sliding wardrobes make excellent use of any wall in your room and fit to the exact space you have given for your wardrobe. This means that there is no need to give up a huge amount of floor space.

Sliding wardrobes take up full use of your cupboard or chosen space, the smooth and luxurious sliding panels reach every point possible in your wardrobe, giving you you full access of the interior of your wardrobe. Because sliding wardrobes use up all the given space, it leaves you with extra room in the wardrobe to be able to have: rails, shelving space and compartments for shoe space.

Due to the fact sliding wardrobes use up all the given space and make use of every centimetre they get, there is no need to extend out further into more space in your room. This gives you more space for other furniture in your room as what you give us is what we use. We work with the area of space you choose and make the most of what is there ensuring you get full use of all the space.

Fitted for Your Room

Sliding wardrobes come in standard sizes and custom made to measure too, so either way our sliding wardrobes can fit into almost any space. If the standard sizes we offer doesn't fit, we can do a made to measure so the wardrobe will fit perfect in any space. Sliding Robes Direct, try to accommodate wardrobes for all spaces. We provide a 'How To Measure' Guide to help our customers to measure up their space to make the most of their sliding wardrobes.

Both our standard and our made to measure wardrobe doors come in a wide range of different styles and sizes. Whether it be the wood type, mirrors, chalk finish for children or just a coloured finish, our sliding wardrobes doors can be made to suit all your needs.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Organise Your Room

You can improve your sliding wardrobes further by choosing to install the right interior inside. If you chose customised interior that using up all your space efficiently, this eliminates the need for other furniture. Having a bespoke interior wardrobe has the potential to turn a ordinary wall into a organised spacious storage area.

A wardrobe which is done correctly requires much more than hangers and drawers, it requires the appropriate storage for your shoes, hatboxes, trousers and clothes too. This is what i-space is designed for. I-space is a bespoke and well designed system which offers endless opportunities for your storage solutions. I-space is an excellent choice for storage as it is simple to build and has combinations which are never ending, your storage, your choice. This system can even fit in the most awkward of places so you can still get the maximum use out of your sliding wardrobe. Not only perfect to utilise in your bedroom i-space is perfect for walk-in closet interiors, living room display units, floating shelving and also kitchen storage. I-space is a incredible choice for making the most of an organised storage space!

Design Your Room

Sliding wardrobes can be personalised or designed to match the rest of your room. All our sliding wardrobes have a trendy, smooth, easy glide doors, so that not only do they look good, but they glide along the tracks when sliding. With the designs of your wardrobe, you can choose between mirrors, lacquered glass, wood grains or bold glossy panels. Also, Sliding Robes Direct even do a chalk board finish for the door panels which is perfect for children!

Sliding wardrobes don't necessarily have to be for bedrooms, they are perfect for storing clutter and creating extra space... So why not install sliding wardrobes in your hall way? This way you can store your families coats and shoes neatly, and de-clutter the never ending shoes. The sliding wardrobe will then become a full length mirror, which is brilliant as you get 2 purposes out of your sliding wardrobes. Your hallway is now tidy and de-cluttered, you have a lovely full length mirror to check out your outfit before you leave the house. Does it get better than that?

An Investment for Your Home

Not only do our high quality sliding wardrobes look brilliant and work as a brilliant storage solution, they also give you the opportunity to boost the value of your home. Having fitted bedroom furniture is extremely attractive and can be appealing for buyers if you were to sell your home.

Sliding Robes Direct have an exclusive range of made to measure wardrobe doors which can be designed especially for you providing you with beautiful bespoke sliding wardrobe doors. As well as providing you with beautiful sliding wardrobe doors we also have an extensive range of interiors for behind your wardrobe doors which can also be used as storage solutions in rooms such as bedrooms, offices and living rooms.

Sliding Robes Direct have over 30 years experience when it comes to sliding wardrobe door systems we have a wide knowledge that we are more than willing to share with you to make sure that your purchase and the installation of your sliding wardrobe doors an easy and also enjoyable experience. All of our sliding wardrobe doors are hand built by our skilled technicians to BS and European standards in our purpose built factories based in the UK and Ireland which therefore we are able to deliver efficiently.

These are our top 5 reasons why sliding wardrobes are an excellent choice not only as a wardrobe but as a storage facility too. So, what are you waiting for, a great price? We have lots of them! Buy your perfect sliding wardrobe from Sliding Robes Direct and start designing your dream wardrobe using our 4 simple steps today.