Monday, 14 September 2015

How to Measure up

Measuring Up for Standard Size Sliding Doors

Sliding Robes Direct have put together some useful information in the effort to help with measuring up for standard size doors. It can get frustrating trying to measure or build things from scratch with complex instructions. This is why Sliding Robes Direct have gone to the effort of writing out our instructions to be short, simple and most importantly understandable. Measuring up your standard size sliding door can be carried out in 4 simple and helpful steps:

1. How to Measure Up

Start by measuring the open space you have. All of our doors fit to a maximum height of 2260mm and with a maximum opening width of 3607mm. Sliding Robes Direct doors are available in 3 widths: 610mm, 762mm, 914mm.
NOTE: Not all of our doors are available in all 3 widths, please be sure you acknowledge this by selecting your door first before you begin measuring up.
Should there be a difference in the height measurements for the height of A, B, or C, this would mean that your ceiling and floor are not parallel. The track your sliding wardrobe runs on allows up to 25mm of difference. But, if the difference of your heights should exceed this, your ceiling walls may need adjustments.

2. Select and Fit the Storage System

Start by measuring up your internal space. For example, when having the Aura Storage System, you can decide between the 550mm or the 900mm wide shelves or drawer units. This can affect your choice of door. The size of your storage depends on the allocated area available to have your sliding wardrobe installed. It can help to lay all of your components out to make sure they will all fit in your space. All of our storage solution components come with detailed instructions, should you need further information to help assemble your sliding wardrobe.

3. Build the Opening For Your Doors

All of our doors have been made to fit the standard opening height, which is 2260mm (including the track). Ceilings that are higher than this can be reduced by using spacer blocks or opening height reducers.

4. Calculate Your Door Requirements

The number of doors you require, depends on the opening width. Below is our calculations to help with any additional information on your door sizes. To start, measure the opening width, then from there you will see the number of doors which are required and the track set.

Additional Information

For further information on measuring up on your standard size sliding wardrobe, be sure to give Sliding Robes Direct a call. We are more than happy to help with your needs regarding your sliding wardrobe or help measure up. Alternatively, you can even follow this link, to see a more detailed way on how to measure up your standard size sliding wardrobe.