Friday, 13 November 2015

Choosing a Sliding Wardrobe to Suit Your Home

In just 5 simple steps, Sliding Robes Direct are going identify the best way to choose a sliding wardrobe that will accommodate to your needs. We have tried to make this guide simple and effective so that choosing your perfect wardrobe is as easy as possible. By using these 5 helpful steps, Sliding Robes Direct hope that choosing your sliding wardrobe is straightforward and hassle free. Let’s see how it goes!

1. Measure the Space in Your Room

It is extremely important to measure the space available for your sliding wardrobe. In order to utilise the space efficiently, measure the exact area you will be using in order to get a clear indication of the size of your sliding wardrobe.

2. Identify Your Needs

Before you go full steam ahead into purchasing your wardrobe, take some time to identify what you expect from your wardrobe. Will it be storing just clothes? Or will there be clothes rails, shoe racks and draws too? The purpose of a sliding wardrobe is down to the individual, so it is important to understand what your needs are. Prior to your wardrobe design, it’s best to choose the storage space you require. This will make designing your wardrobe a lot easier and less time consuming.

3. Consider the Style

Your wardrobe will be a permanent and fixed feature of your room, so it is worth investing a bit of time in picking out a style and colours that will be best suited and complementive to the room. Whether this be the design of the door, type of wood/glass or choosing to have mirrored doors. These are all important factors of your sliding wardrobe so it is definitely worth taking the time to pick out a style that you love, rather than making a rushed decision that you may regret.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

4. Take into Account the Measurements

Whether you are enlisting the skills of a professional to install your wardrobe, or you are using your own knowledge, you will need to collect various and precise measurements for the area of your sliding wardrobe. If you are seeking a professional to install your wardrobe, you will need the measurements of your wardrobe in order for it to fit perfectly. However, if you are doing it yourself, you may find it helpful to write a list of the tools and techniques required for the installation. Taking the time to see demonstrations and guides on how to install your sliding wardrobe will also be great help.

5. Read Reviews

Before you select your sliding wardrobe, seeking reviews can be extremely helpful. From advice on the best style, designs, fittings, materials and even costs, you will be able to gather together adequate information to help choose your perfect sliding wardrobe. Sliding Robes Direct have no doubt that we offer the best quality in all of the above, but in order to find the style that best suits you, it can be worth your while to browse through our website prior to purchasing to check out our various designs and styles.