Monday, 14 December 2015

Sliding Door Ideas for Your Bedroom

Considering installing sliding doors into your bedroom? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised on the various many you can include sliding doors into your bedroom design. Check out just a few of the ways that a sliding wardrobe can improve your bedroom and maximise your space.

Combining spaciousness and privacy with frosted glass

A few open-plan, contemporary bedrooms connect seamlessly with bathrooms. Whilst this design choice can be very easy on the eye, you may sometimes want to use the bathroom a little bit more privately. By using frosted glass sliding doors, you can close them whenever you like whilst still letting light through.

Let the outside into your bedroom

Are windows too dull for your bedroom? Would you like something a bit more modern? Then why settle for a window when you can replace an entire wall of your bedroom with a magnificent sliding door? Try to imagine waking up every morning, opening your curtains and letting the light flood in through the glass panels. Even when it’s closed, the sliding doors provide you with a glorious view of the outside world.

Stained glass

Are you not in a position to install a full sliding glass wall, but still want a door that opens onto a balcony? Then why not install a stained glass door? Stained glass facing outside will produce stunning patterns into your bedroom.

Creating a space to work

Do you work at home? If so, you could benefit from having an area that is easily shut off from the rest of the house whilst you’re working, but still feels very spacious and contemporary.
If you are interested in installing sliding doors into your home then check out our website for details of the services that we provide. Maximise your space to its best potential and invest in made to measure sliding wardrobes today! Simply give us a call to discuss your needs and requirements or to find out the best wardrobe style for your needs. We are always here and happy to help so don't hesitate in contacting Sliding Robes Direct today and make the most of your space.