Monday, 11 January 2016

Too Many Clothes, So Little Space!

Struggling to Find Extra Space for Your Clothes?

Here at Sliding Robes Direct, we know that finding space for new clothes can be a challenge. There is nothing worse than trying to store all of your clothes in a small wardrobe and struggling to open it without it giving way or being over-crammed. This is why we are here to help through providing an array of Made to Measure and Standard Sized sliding wardrobes. We wouldn’t like for you to be buried under a pile of clothing when you are simply looking for a shirt or a cardigan. Cramming everything into one wardrobe can cause it to break, this is why Sliding Robes Direct believe our wardrobes to be a brilliant storage solution for people with endless amounts of clothes. Eliminate any storage problems that you may have and get your Made to Measure wardrobe with Sliding Robes Direct today!

Reasons to Invest in a Sliding Wardrobe

There are many reasons as to why you should invest in one of our spacious and glamorous wardrobes. Not only are our sliding wardrobes aesthetically pleasing, they create more floor space enhancing the size of your room. This will give you a whole new area of space to be used productively, adding a desk or chair for example. One of the main reasons and benefits from having a sliding wardrobe fitted is simply the the significant amount of storage space you will receive whilst having more space in your room. Everything can be put away and stored in your wardrobe, with various compartments and storage solutions our sliding wardrobes can be tailored and designed to suit any space!

You will never have to struggle with the problems that come with having a small wardrobe again, this will allow you to hang every single piece of clothing and shoes as you wish. Whether that be double figures for your shoes too! So if you are looking for a cost friendly storage solution to your endless amounts of clothes, shoes and other important items, a sliding wardrobe is the perfect answer. We offer bespoke sliding wardrobes which you can design yourself, starting from the layout to the colour everything will be catered for when you choose Sliding Robes Direct for your storage solutions! Want to know more? Feel free to browse through our website and check out the range of Made to Measure and Standard Size styles and designs we have available and let your imagination run free.

What Are The Main Benefits of a Sliding Wardrobe?

Sliding Robes Direct know various benefits and advantages that come with having a sliding wardrobe. Be it the design and attractiveness of having everything away and out of sight, or the storage you have available to have everything tidy and stored in just the way you like. Once you have a sliding wardrobe installed we guarantee you will never look back, and will simply love the benefits of having one. Curious of the benefits that come with having a sliding wardrobe? Then luckily for you, Sliding Robes Direct have put together our top six favourite benefits of having a sliding wardrobe and hope that you love it just as much as we do! Our top six benefits include:
  • Adding Value - by investing in a sliding wardrobe is an amazing idea if you are planning to sell your house in the future. Our wardrobes are of a brilliant quality which makes them a very attractive asset to potential buyers.
  • Personalisation - Here at Sliding Robes Direct, we let you design your own wardrobe. Using our online design tool, it will allow you to virtually design your wardrobe with all the necessary doors, draws, rails and hangers as you wish to have. This will allow you to choose the design that you like along with the amount of panels and mirrors you want on your wardrobe. Our design tool also lets you control the cost of your wardrobe as you are able to see what the wardrobe will cost as you add and remove choices from your design, a perfect tool for those planning on a budget.
  • Aesthetics - Our sliding wardrobes are extremely aesthetically pleasing, giving your room a stylish and elegant look. As you are able to choose the finish of the wardrobe, you are certain to get a contemporary wardrobe which is exactly right for you.
  • Increased Storage Space - You can never have too much space! So with our sliding wardrobes you will never be stuck for space to store your clothes and other belongings again. Our sliding wardrobes here at Sliding Robes Direct are remarkably spacious and can be designed to fit any space. Whether you have a large room and looking to store all of your clothes, or have a smaller room and want to make the most of the space you own a sliding wardrobe is the perfect answer. Sliding wardrobes offer space like no other wardrobe can provide!
  • Floor Space - You will gain floor space when you invest in one of our wardrobes. They are fitted onto your walls and sliding panels are attached, they don't take up anywhere near as much space as one would think. This will give the impression that your room looks larger, with your clothes being stored away nicely and gaining extra floor space to your bedroom.
  • Easily accessible - Our sliding wardrobes are easily accessible and are able to slide both ways to give you access to both sides of your wardrobe whenever you need it.

How Sliding Robes Direct Can Help You

Sliding Robes Direct are in a brilliant position and are able to help and assist you in all of your sliding wardrobe needs. We offer truly unparalleled wardrobes like no other. Would you like to design your own style? Does your wardrobe need to be fitted on a made to measure basis with specific measurements? Do you want a service with honesty, integrity and a warm and friendly smile? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then Sliding Robes Direct are the sliding wardrobe experts to choose. We pride our self on complete customer satisfaction and want you to be ecstatic with your investment, which is why we give you free reign on your layout and design with easy installation videos for your benefit. Our online design tool is a brilliant and virtual way to give you a lifelike impression of what your wardrobe would look like, no need to imagine, we have the real thing!

If you are looking for a sliding wardrobe for your home then look no further and contact the professionals at Sliding Robes Direct using this number: 0845 8696737. We offer the best value for money wardrobes on the market, ensuring you simply love the design, layout and finished result! Sliding Robes Direct look forward to hearing from you.