Monday, 4 April 2016

How a Sliding Wardrobe Can Transform Your Room

With various reasons on how our sliding robes can transform your bedroom, they are undoubtedly one of the best ways you can make the most of your space and increase storage. Setting themselves aside from a standard wardrobe, your sliding wardrobe will fit to your space leaving you in control on how to utilise your bedroom. For many reasons our sliding robes come up top against a standard wardrobe, from the way they make use of every millimeter of space to the unique and showroom like finish they leave.

Regardless of the space you are working with, you are guaranteed to see improvements in the appearance as well as an increase in the storage and space in the room. Our team at Sliding Robes Direct are massive wardrobe enthusiasts and believe there to be countless reasons as to why you should choose a sliding wardrobe and upon the installation of yours, you will be just as moved and impressed as us! For a cost friendly, decorative and attractive finish to your bedroom, be transformed with Sliding Robes Direct, you’re sure to love our quality, range and most importantly our prices!

Reasons to Choose Sliding Robes

For a number of reasons you will notice why our sliding robes are of benefit to you, be it our accommodating budget, range of styles and designs or the organisation and increase storage they offer. Regardless of your reasons to choose a sliding wardrobe, our team here at Sliding Robes Direct are extremely confident that you will not find a service with wardrobes, designs or prices quite like ours anywhere else! We even offer an online design tool allowing you to create your dream wardrobe right in front of you. No matter your needs for a sliding wardrobe, we will always be here and happy to help you. But first of all come and discover the ways our sliding robes can transform your room and make the most of your space today with the amazing range of wardrobes at Sliding Robes Direct.

The Endless Range

Offering a vast range of styles and designs in both our Made to Measure and Standard Size sliding robes, you’re sure to find the wardrobe of your dreams from our variety. No matter if you are looking for a simplistic or a bold and vibrant finish to your room, our range sliding wardrobes will accommodate to your every need. Mirrored, wooden, fancy, glitzy or even budget, Sliding Robes Direct have a large handful of choice when it comes to choosing the perfect design or style that’s right for you.


Our sliding robes come with various benefits, from creating a solution for having too many clothes, so little space to being able to improve the appearance of any room, no matter its current condition. The list of benefits for having a sliding wardrobe just goes on and on, leaving our customers totally amazed with what a sliding robe has to offer. The top five most impressive benefits for having a sliding wardrobe are:

  • Great prices, accommodating to any budget
  • A range of styles and designs to choose from
  • Made to measure, to fit any size at all
  • Provides the ‘showroom’ experience
  • Increases storage and room space unlike regular wardrobes

Easy Installation

Having worked within the wardrobe and furniture industry for a number of years now, our team have developed a range of wardrobes that are easy to install and assemble. Meaning that inexperienced wardrobe installers can install their wardrobe with no hassle at all. Our team are extremely confident that our wardrobes can be installed with ease and to help with the process we have even created installation guides to make the installation easier and smoother. We have ‘How to’ videos for both installing made to measure and installing standard size doors, giving all of our customers ample resources to utilise whilst installing their wardrobe. With various step by step guides, Sliding Robes Direct have covered all areas of an installation to help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Increase in Space & Storage

Due to the fact that a sliding wardrobe is designed to use up all of the provided space, not only will you see an increase in your storage facilities, you will also be able to use more space in your room too! This is due to the fact our wardrobes offer the opportunity to reduce additional storage and store everything within the wardrobe itself. With room for hangers, drawers, racks and any other kind of storage facility, our wardrobe will be able to store just about anything you own without the need to take up extra space in another area of your room. So not only will your storage improve and increase, you will be able to use up more space in your room now that you will no longer need cabinets, drawers or tables. Our sliding robes are by far one of the best solutions out there for storage and space, offering an attractive finish to your room whilst keeping all of your clothes, shoes and accessories away and tidily stored.

Decorative & Appealing

There is no doubt in saying that our sliding wardrobes aren’t stunning and simply beautiful. With a range of styles and designs on offer, the choice of finish is all yours. We think this picture speaks for itself and all of our other remarkable sliding wardrobes...

Friendly Price Tag

Everyone loves a deal or bargain right? So Sliding Robes Direct are sure to become your favourite company (if we are not already) as we offer savings of up to 60% off high street prices! This alone is a great deal, but we also add a FREE track set and a FREE soft close* too! Our sliding wardrobes also come with a 10 year guarantee, meaning you will be able to enjoy your fantastic new wardrobe for many years to come, with no worry about the quality of the doors.

The deals never end with Sliding Robes Direct! No matter your budget, we are confident that we will be able to accommodate to your needs, leaving you totally amazed and thinking ‘how have I got so much for so little?’. Come and purchase an unbelievable bargain today with Sliding Robes Direct as we assure you will be impressed with our quality, range and prices!