Monday, 16 May 2016

Step by Step Guide on Making Your Made to Measure Wardrobe

To help our customers even more, Sliding Robes Direct have put together a step by step guide on how to make your dream made to measure wardrobe through using our online design tool. With each step explained in detail, we sincerely hope that this helps you when designing your perfect wardrobe with us. Check out the 6 stages involved in making your dream made to measure wardrobe below and enjoy all the perks and thrills that come with having a wardrobe that's designed to your specifactions.

1. Style

When choosing your perfect wardrobe from Sliding Robes Direct, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a wide variety of wardrobes. This will help you to find your dream wardrobe that suits your tastes, your preferences and your storage solution. No matter matter if you are looking for a simple and subtle or bold and eye catching design to your wardrobe, our team at Sliding Robes Direct are extremely confident that we have the ideal finish for you. We offer a wide range of styles for your made to measure wardrobe including:
Choose your favourite design from clicking on each link above or through looking at our Made to Measure Door Range here. You will then be ready to take the next step in completing your ideal wardrobe with us.

2. Sizes

Your next step is then to choose the size of the doors you want to use in millimetres. This ensures the perfect made to measure finish without the risk of the doors being too big or too small for the area you want to work with. Once you have completed the sizes and the number of the doors you would like, you are ready to choose the colour of the frames.

3. Frame Colour

The frame colours vary from each design we have, some may only include one whereas other could have 5 or more. You will be given a choice of frame colours to choose from depending upon the design you have gone for. For example, the Classic wardrobe doors have 6 colours to choose from and the Saturn wardrobe has just one. The colour you go for will help to determine the kind of appearance you would like to go for, be it bold and eye catching or simplistic. Note: This is just the colour of the frame, not the entire panel.

4. Panel Layout

Afterwards, you will then be ready to move onto the layout you would like your panels (doors) as this will determine where everything sits and how to overall appearance will look. Your panels will have different arrangements and finished, for example a totally clear panel in appose to a panel with a mirror in the centre of the panel. The choice is entirely yours so play around, have fun until you find the perfect layout for your wardrobe and tastes.

5. Panel Colour

Now the fun really does begin, as you are able to decide what colour you would like your panels! You will then get a wider choice of colours for your panels, giving you the chance to experiment and find the perfect layout and overall wardrobe for you. The best thing about designing your own wardrobe is that you get to choose everything, which means that everything will suit your tastes and preferences. Even if you experiment a bit too much, you can change things around and change the colours again until you find the right end result.

6. Options

Last but not least, you will have 4 options to choose: end panels, floor liners, wall liners and top infill panels. This are optional and additional to the wardrobe but will only make the end result look even better! At the end of these steps you will be presented with your custom price, but don’t worry our wardrobes come at affordable rates. So make the most of your bedroom space today and order your dream wardrobe from the professionals at Sliding Robes Direct.

For a top of the range wardrobe which is stunning, made to measure and affordable, look no further than Sliding Robes Direct today. You’re sure to love our amazing range of wardrobes and designs no matter your tastes or preferences. What are you waiting for? Order with us today and avoid disappointment or over the odd prices from other companies. We are extremely confident that you will love our range of wardrobes. Sliding Robes Direct hope that our step by step guide has been of great use when designing your wardrobe and hope to hear from you very soon.