Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to Give your Existing Sliding Wardrobe a Makeover with New Doors

The summer weather is here and the decorating season is upon us. It’s time to pull out your paint brushes, put on your design hat and think about how you can go about changing the way your home looks.

Whether you have an interior or exterior project in mind, there are plenty of things you can do yourself. For example, upgrading your sliding wardrobe doors to create a new look bedroom that helps you to feel more comfortable in your own home.

How to Give your Existing Sliding Wardrobe a Makeover with New Doors

5 Easy Steps to Upgrade Your Sliding Doors

If your current sliding doors are old, worn out, damaged or simply don’t tickle your fancy any more, then it’s time to consider upgrading them. Follow these 5 steps to benefit from brand new wardrobe doors:

Step 1: Measure your doors

The first thing to do is measure your current doors. From here you will be able to use the measurements to find a door style that works for you.

If you aren’t sure how to measure up for standard or made measure doors, guides to help you can be found HERE.

Keep your measurements handy as these will help you to choose the style of door you want and make your order online.

Step 2: Choose the style you want

Once you have figured out how big your doors need to be, these measurements will dictate what style of door you can go for. Some doors have minimum and maximum widths/heights, so please bare this in mind when choosing your door style.

How to Give your Existing Sliding Wardrobe a Makeover with New Doors

Now here’s the fun part…

Browse through the extensive range of wardrobe doors found in the Sliding Robes Direct online store to find a style you fall in love with!

Step 3: Mix and match panels

Now that you’ve found a style of door you love, why not play about with the panels to create an ultra-unique look that will help you to bring your wardrobe to life.

Different wardrobe panels can be mixed and matched to ensure your full sliding wardrobe is truly your own.

We also have a couple of frame finishes you will need to choose from at this point before moving onto step 4.

How to Give your Existing Sliding Wardrobe a Makeover with New Doors

Step 4: Order online

You’ve got all your measurements handy, chosen which style of door you want, picked a frame finish and played around with different panel options, now’s the time to order your new look sliding wardrobe doors.

Add all the necessary components to the basket and head to the checkout. From here you will need to fill out some essential information, such as name, address, payment details etc. so that we can deliver your new doors safely to you.

Now, all you need to do is wait…

Step 5: Installation

So your brand new sliding doors have arrived safely on your doorstep and you can take them inside to unpack. Once you have done all your unravelling, it’s time to get installing.

You might have already removed your all sliding doors in preparation for your new doors arriving, which is great if you have. If you haven’t, you will obviously want to remove these before you set about installing your new sliding doors.

The installation process can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. You can try and do everything yourself with no help or you can do your research, listen to others and make life easy for yourself.

By watching this short video, which shows how to fit both made to measure and standard sliding doors, you can plan your installation more effectively to save time and struggle in the process.

An extra step in the right direction…

If you have completely removed your old wardrobe doors and all interior storage, your wardrobe might look a little bare inside. Upgrading your wardrobe interior doesn’t have to be a difficult job either. Check out the different options we have available for interior wardrobe storage, including drawers, hanging rails and shelves that can be shuffled about to create your new-look wardrobe interior.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed learning about how to give your existing wardrobe a makeover with new sliding doors.