Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to see if a sliding wardrobe will fit?

In this edition, we take a look at how to see if a sliding wardrobe will fit in the space you have at home.

Measuring Up

Whether you already have a sliding wardrobe that you want to replace or you are looking to introduce a new sliding wardrobe into a space you have at home, it’s important to consider whether your new sliding doors will fit.

There’s a step by step process you can follow to ensure you purchase the right doors that will fit perfectly into the space you have earmarked for new sliding doors.

Step 1: Understanding how to measure

Firstly, you will need to measure the opening heights and widths at the five separate points indicated on the diagram below.

How to see if a sliding wardrobe will fit?

RECOMMENDATION: Do this at a distance of around 620mm (62cm/25in) from the back wall. This will leave plenty of space to store your prized possessions. You will leave space to introduce a storage system if you wish to do this too.

The minimum door widths for all made to measure doors is 550mm. We have listed the maximum door widths below:
  • 1200mm - Budget, Classic, Shaker, Mirage, Glam, Reflex & Saturn.
  • 900mm - Switch, Domalti, Budget & Reflex Loft.
Maximum opening height of 2480mm.
Maximum opening width of 4555mm.

In some cases, the house itself can cause problems. If the measurements in A, B or C aren’t equal, this usually means your ceiling isn’t fully parallel to the floor. A difference of up to 25mm will be allowed for by your track-set, although if the difference is greater than this, your ceilings or walls may need to be adjusted to suit. See 1b, 1c and 1d.

Step 2: Establishing how many doors you need

Now that you understand how to measure up and the minimum/maximum widths of made to measure doors, you need to have a think about how many doors you need to create you sliding wardrobe.

Providing your door of choice falls within the sizing dimensions in step 1, then you can have as many doors as you like. The measurements of the doors might differ slightly based on the number of overlaps that will be required, but this is something we can calculate for you.

How to see if a sliding wardrobe will fit?

Additional support: Should you wish to use 900mm wide drawers from our Aura or Alutec range as part of your wardrobe interior, you’ll need to make sure the doors are at least 930mm in width. This will allow the drawers to be opened comfortably when your doors are slid open. This also applied to any other interior products that you may wish to use as interior storage that needs to be pulled outwards.

An example of a 4 door wardrobe based on an opening of 3500mm can be seen below. The conclusion of x4 875mm doors was reached by assessing the opening to establish how many doors could feasibly be created. X3 1166 doors would be possible, as would x5 700mm doors, but x4 is the logical option based on standard door sizes.

Step 3: Combining different panels

Once you know how many doors you are going to need for your wardrobe, you can play about with our wardrobe builder to create your own unique look using different frame finishes and panels. Within each made to measure door, you can use up to 4 different panels.

How to see if a sliding wardrobe will fit?

The Sliding Robes Direct made to measure door range has a large selection of panels than ever before. By combining frame finishes and panels, you can design your own wardrobe to look exactly how you want it to.

So there you have it; an informative guide on how to see if a sliding wardrobe will fit in your bedroom at home. We hope you find it to be useful as you look to introduce or replace sliding doors in your home.

If you need further support, feel free to contact us to talk more about our sliding wardrobe doors and our ever-growing range of products.