Friday, 12 August 2016

New Collection

With a large range of styles and finishes currently available in Made to Measure and Standard size wardrobes, Sliding Robes Direct are proud to announce that we have a fantastic new collection to add! We currently have 100’s of styles, finishes and choices when it comes to your dream wardrobe, but we would like to extend this further, giving you more options on designing the perfect wardrobe for your specific needs. In this blog we will be focusing mainly on our four new arrivals, showing images and further information on each style, allowing you to take in our new choice of wardrobe styles. Please take some time to discover more on our new collection and enjoy the range of design we have available.

Neptune Sliding Doors

If you’re looking for a design which is simplistic but can still offer something to a room then a Neptune Sliding Door is the perfect solution. With a range of styles and designs available, you’re sure to be amazed at how a Neptune Sliding Door can transform your room. This wardrobe design has been specially designed for made to measure wardrobes, giving you full reign of the area of space you wish to use. Whether it’s a small or large space, you’re going to love the finish a Neptune Sliding Door will leave on your entire room.

Jupiter Angled Sliding Doors

Designed to fit any sized space, the Jupiter Angled Sliding Door wardrobe is the perfect choice of sliding doors for any room. No matter the colour scheme you are working with, Sliding Robes Direct have the ideal solution for all your bedroom needs. This choice of sliding wardrobe can fit any sized room, leaving a pristine finish no matter what. Depending on your choice of style, our team are extremely confident to say that we have a design colour within our range to suit your needs perfectly.

Tess Minimal Sliding Doors

Fancy a floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe? Then look no further than Sliding Robes Direct! Our Tess Minimal Sliding Doors offer just what, simply pick the mirrored option or choose from our wide range of colours we have available in this range. Whether you’re looking for a solid colour, wood finish or mirrors, Sliding Robes Direct have the perfect range to cater to your every need.

Venus Etched Sliding Doors

Offering a more detailed finish to your wardrobe, our Venus Etched Sliding Doors are great for those of you who are searching for a more bold statement. Whether you’re looking to make your wardrobe the main focus of your bedroom or are designing it to contrast against other areas of the room, Sliding Robes Direct are sure to have the solution. Our Venus Etched Sliding Doors are available in a range of colours and styles so please don’t hesitate to browse through our sliding robes today.

Sliding Robes Direct hope that you enjoyed our new collection and are inspired to purchase a brand new made to measure wardrobe with us very soon. All of our wardrobes come to a top quality standard and are available in a range of colours and styles. So please take some time to browse through our variety of made to measure and standard size wardrobes today to find the perfect wardrobe for your needs. Our team hope that you find your dream wardrobe within our range and assure that we are always just a phone call away for help, advice or questions in relation to our wardrobe range. Waste no time and get in touch with us today on: UK 0845 869 6737 or ROI 0044 845 869 6737. We look forward to hearing from you.