Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Ways to Bring Your Home to Life Affordably

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With the current lifestyle changes, space is becoming inadequate. Sliding wardrobes are becoming a popular choice for the most household. They give your home the benefit of fitted furniture while utilising valuable ground space. Storage is a common problem everywhere. You will need space to place your family’s clothes, your shoes, and other accessories. This option gives you the flexibility and works wonders in smaller rooms. Sliding wardrobes perfectly complement furniture such as reclaimed furniture. They come with a wide variety of styles for you to pick. They can have wooden doors, mirrored doors or glass doors. The choice you make will depend on your sense of style.

This article will enlighten you on the different ways you can use to organise, refurbish and freshen up your room’s appearance.

Add mirrors to your sliding wardrobes

Mirrors come in different styles, personalised options as well as in almost every size and shape. You can choose the coloured glass, shaded glass, decorative mirrors, partly frosted mirror or lacquered glass. Adding a mirror will brighten up your room and spice it up. The mirrors make the room appear bigger than the usual size. You can also use the mirrors for other purposes like being used as a dressing mirror, exercises and dancing practices. The whole mirror idea enhances the room’s appearance by adding substance and adding style to your space.

Add a lick of paint

You can use it on your sliding wardrobe to give it a dash of style. You can create your custom space by choosing the colour of your choice. The right paint will transform your doors and the overall look of your home.

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Replace the doors with curtains

Curtains can give your room a more open appeal and make beautiful. You can select a full-length curtain, pieces of fabric or drapes. The curtain can be coloured or patterned. You can also choose a voile or sheer curtain because they are thin and allows light through hence improving the look of your room.

Replace mirrors with shoji screens

Shoji is a Japanese architecture. It has translucent papers or plastics held together by a wooden frame. This new design will make your room look brighter and appealing. It is a good choice if you have the traditional sliding wardrobe.

Cover your sliding wardrobe with wallpaper

Wallpapers come in different drawings and patterns. They also allow you to choose from the self -adhesive, temporary wallpaper or peel and stick depending on the duration you want the wallpaper to stay put. A wallpaper is a very simple way of improving your room’s look, yet it brings a whole new look to your space.

Change the wardrobes handles

A change in handles is by far the cheapest way of bringing your home to life. It could be the spice you need to liven up. Door knobs are available in many styles and can give you a variety of choice to choose from to bring that personality touch to your room. It takes less time to do it yet it changes your overall room appearance.

Disguise with film

You can use film to conceal the interior sliding doors of your wardrobe. The film can be a frosted, translucent or plain window. The choice you will make can bring out your preferred theme and add style to your room. These films also help personalize the space.

Add a vinyl sticker

A vinyl is available in different colours and personalised drawings as well as messages. You will be in a position to utilise simple colour schemes for bold graphics. This method will bring a feeling of excitement and enhances your creativity thereby bringing your home to life.

Use a privacy film or spray

You can use the private spray as a way of hiding things that are in your closet as opposed to a mirrored slide door. It gives the mirror a different sheen and looks hence enhancing the general appearance of the room.

With the above tips, I hope you now have an idea as to how you can utilise your small space to increase storage area and at the same time use the idea to enhance the look of your room. These sliding wardrobes are function and have become a means of decoration. Make use of your space and improve it to beautify your room.