Monday, 31 October 2016

Fitted Wardrobes

Designed For Discretion

Unlike a standard wardrobe, fitted wardrobes tend to be built into walls or alcoves with sliding doors to provide discretion and to blend into the style of your room. A sliding door fitted wardrobe allows for for you to make the most of space in your room that is sometimes considering useless or unnecessary. Fitted sliding wardrobes are designed to be a permanent fixture in your room meaning they tend to stay there even if you move out.

Transforming Your Room

A fitted wardrobe can be designed to fit into any space or style room, meaning you can make the most of the space in your room that you might not be taking advantage of. Coming in a range of styles, they can blend into any wall or match any decor scheme. They provide both a great look and also provide a great storage solutions for any items. Not just great for bedrooms they can be used in loft spaces, under the stair or any room in the house.

Styles and Sizes

With a vast growing range fitted sliding wardrobes can be made to measure and designed to provide the perfect wardrobe for you. They are available in a range of styles such as wood, acrylic, glass, colours and much more; meaning there’s a sliding fitted wardrobe for everyone’s personal taste. Coming made to measure they can be designed to fit any space in the home, ensuring you have a sleek and stylish wardrobe that fits perfectly into an otherwise empty space.


They main benefit of fitted sliding robes is the creativity and flexibility they allow for, the wardrobe can be tailored made and designed to fit in ay space and to anyone's taste. With the ability to design and build you can choose everything from the framework, doors and interior accessories allowing you to create your dream wardrobe. They provide great extra storage space too, with clever interiors they can fit the maximum of shoes, towels or anything you wish; providing a space that’s both multi functional and maximises space. In a smaller space a cleverly designed fitted sliding robe can use mirror effects to help create a room that looks bigger and lighter than it actually is.

Some of the benefits of fitted wardrobes:

  • Range of styles to choose from
  • Made to measure
  • Designed to fit in any space
  • Clever interior storage options
  • Tailored to suit any budget
  • Make use of otherwise pointless space

Choosing The Right Wardrobe For You

Although choosing a fitted sliding wardrobe for your home may seem like a difficult task, it’s much easier than people think. By shopping with a wardrobe specialist, they’ll guide you through the steps to create your perfect fitted wardrobe. With online sites you’ll have the design and build tool which will guide you through the process of creating your wardrobe, starting with how and what to measure, choosing your wardrobe and interiors and then simply waiting for it to arrive. Coming with full and simple instructions, you’ll be able to install your sliding fitted wardrobe with ease.

A fitted wardrobe, properly configured, is a truly functional storage area that efficiently utilizes the limited space in any room of your home. It makes an obvious architectural design statement. The important consideration to make when considering a fitted sliding wardrobe is adequate storage, pleasing aesthetics, and the convenience offered by having all of your items stored neatly and nearby in your room.

At Sliding Robes Direct we offer a truly amazing selection of made to measure wardrobes which can be created and ordered via our design and build tool.