Friday, 21 October 2016

Who Are Sliding Robes Direct?

Sliding Robes Direct delivers the ordered goods to your doorstep throughout UK and Ireland. Once you shop with us, you are entitled to up to 60% savings compared to the prices offered by other sellers. This is why our loft doors have gained popularity as customers want to save money with our budget loft doors. We provide you with beautiful sliding wardrobe sliding doors that are of best quality as well as combine well in the wardrobes technology, design, and style which sum up to an exceptional beautiful wardrobe. Whether you want a new sliding wardrobe door or you want to replace the existing one, you just have to make an order.

What Do We Have To Offer?

  • Standard size sliding wardrobe doors
  • Complete colour matched track
  • Loft doors which fit an opening height of 1.15km, width of 6.1cm, 7.62 cm, and 0.9 cm
  • Soft close upgrade which can be added up to 762m
  • A budget loft gallery where you have to view the images of our loft standard size sliding wardrobe doors and other fittings
  • The available standard doors come in; black, cappuccino, cream, maroon, grey mirror and bronze
  • Available in one panel

Why Sliding Loft Doors?

As you plan a new home or upgrading the already existing home, you may have an option of choosing the wardrobe doors you want to be installed in your home. Sliding loft doors have a very greater advantage compared to the traditional swinging and bi-fold wardrobe doors. Despite the fact that they don’t work for everybody especially if someone wants to have a complete overview off the wardrobe at ones, sliding loft doors have a lot of advantages. This article will expose you to the advantages of using the loft doors so that you may consider saving money with our budget loft doors.

Our modern sliding loft door is one of the best space saving idea in your bedroom or changing room. The sliding door gives you an open feel, and this reduces the congestion that would be caused by the bi-fold wardrobe doors. Our sliding loft doors bring in a modern style in your bedroom or your changing room. This comes with our well-crafted styles, designs, finishing and the variety of colours. The modern style adds a touch on the class of your room.

We offer mirrored doors which not only give you style but also functionality in an easily maintained package. The mirrored door helps you save on the space and gives the room some lighter feeling. You can also select a design that fits the room’s theme as they come with a lot of colours and material.

Our budget loft doors are safe and durable. The fact that you only have to slide while opening and closing reduce a lot of changes of breakages hence increasing durability.

What to Consider When Buying Our Budget Loft Doors

When it comes to the actual buying, there are some factors that you have to consider. This is because making the right decision determines the level of comfort you and your family get. This also reduces complications that come with the wrong decision.

Space; if you are not sure of the size of the wardrobe doors suitable for your bedroom, then you may end up making the wrong order. As such it is wise for you first to know the amount of space available as this helps you approximate the size.

The theme of the room; this helps you choose the colour as we have a variety of colours and designs.

How to Link With Us

The fact that we do business online pushes us into having a very clear communication links. Our clients can follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, and view our recent blogs. We also have a very reliable and up to date website where our clients can view our product’s gallery and make their choices accordingly. From the site, we give guidelines on how to fit the sliding doors via a video and PDF downloads hence our clients will not have a hard time reading the manual.

What Do Our Customers Say

The customers’ review is another way of building or tarnishing the name of the company. Our customers have played a great role in building our name as they feel we offered excellent products and services, amazing quality and the doors delivered on time and fitted perfectly.