Monday, 29 January 2018

5 Things to Avoid in your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation, but there are many things that you could be doing wrong in the interior design of your bedroom. Many elements my have a negative impact on the healthiness of your bedroom, and could take up vital storage space that is pivotal to an orderly room.

So here are the top ways you could be going wrong in your bedroom;

1. Clutter

Clutter and too many possessions are the biggest contractor to an unorganised bedroom. Whether this be under-utilised storage such as sliding wardrobes only be a home for your clothing, or desks and dressing tables taking over your room. Condensing this into single items of furniture used for different purposes is the key. Take a look at your sliding wardrobes, is there a way in which you an utilise the space within them a little better?

2. Lighting 

Lighting is a pivotal part of a bedroom, you need a space that can be as dark as possible on a night and as light as possible on a morning. People often want to make the most of their natural like, understandably. As such, they opt for sheer fabric curtains and white fabrics that let light through. However, opting for heat and luxurious fabrics for your curtains will help block out the light on a night to help you get the best nights sleep possible, giving you a healthier nights sleep. You can double this up with. Sheer fabric underneath for those sunny days where you would like light to bouncy through the room.

3. Bright Colours

Using bright and bold colour for your walls or bedding can be a tough choice to avoid, if those are the colours you naturally a drawn towards, however, they could be interrupting you sleep pattern or ability to relax. Instead opting for neutral colours and natural fibre textiles will help you to relax and create a calm atmosphere that is perfect for that all-important good nights’ sleep.

4. Electric Avenue

Many people cant stay away from electronic devices, whether this be their mobile phone by their bed, a TV at the foot of the bed or a laptop in the bedroom. Many people don’t realise the negative impacts of these devices on you ability to relax, switch off from the world and re-coup after your day.  This is such a popular issue that many people ate getting creative with how they keep their technologies but hide them away. One of the most popular ways to do this is through sliding wardrobe doors. Having an inbuilt sliding wardrobe will give you much more storage and may even mean you can create an area of your sliding wardrobe that is solely for your TV, and TV stand, with plug points for phones and shelves for laptops, with their clothes and shoes being tidied away on either side of the TV.

5. Excessive Furniture

A great way to overwhelm your bedroom is through excessive furniture. Having too many pieces of furniture can create a cramped and closed feel that can inhibit rest and relaxation. Doubling up the uses of furniture i.e. seating with inbuilt storage, sliding wardrobes with a TV stand, a desk that becomes a dressing table or even folds away, can be a great way to save on space, create a fresh environment and help you on your way to a healthier bedroom.

Top things to avoid in your bedroom

As you can see, the interior design of your bedroom should be carefully considered. There are many elements that can contribute to an unhealthy or negative bedroom. If you would like to make a start on overhauling your bedroom, by installing sliding wardrobes, we can help. Contact our team with any questions or queries today.

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