Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Salvaging Space in your Bedroom

It’s a problem that has been round for a long time and will probably last a while longer yet, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t clever ways to salvage the space in your bedroom! All you need is some clever interior design tips and tricks. 

We have pulled together the best storage solutions around to salvage back some space in your bedroom.

The bedroom is often a space that can get ignored or used as a storage facility in itself. But with our storage secrets you can transform your bedroom into a tidy, organised space that you can enjoy.

Sliding Wardrobes

First things first, wardrobes don’t just have to be for clothes, and built in wardrobes with sliding doors can add huge amounts of storage without the need for busy doors that take up vital space.

Installing built in wardrobes is a stylish space saver. Gone are the days of bulky, overbearing built in storage of yester-year. Todays built in wardrobes are fitted, available in bespoke sizes and depths, and can feature mirrored wardrobe doors to give the illusion of a larger room, or sliding wardrobe doors in any colour or material to suit the rest of the room. 

Built in sliding wardrobes are often used as an all round storage solution that come with in built show racks, document storage, jewellery drawers and more!

You can build your own sliding wardrobes here at Sliding Robes Direct. Choosing your design, materials, colours, size, fittings and more. 

To help you get measured up for your new storage, we have created a handy guide on how to measure for your sliding wardrobes.

Position of your Sliding Wardrobe

Choosing where to install your built in storage is the key to saving as much space in your bedroom as possible. 

If you have a long narrow bedroom with only a small amount of space on either side of your bed, then you should consider built in storage around the head of your bed. This will triple your storage potential whilst only taking up a small space. At worst, you may need to move your bed down the room a small amount. 

If you have a wider room, then using one end as a storage space will work wonders to store all of your clothes and accessories, documents, bedding and more in one area, opening up the rest of the room and keeping your space, spacious!

Internal Storage in your Sliding Wardrobes

When it comes to storage within your sliding wardrobes, the possibilities are endless. You can install drawers, chests of drawers, shelves, racking, sliding out shelves, hooks and more to store anything and everything you desire. You can even install a pull out shelf that can be transformed into a desk.

Maximising the floor to ceiling space is one of the main benefits of built in wardrobes and storage. 
This type of storage can accommodate awkward spaces in your bedroom from a alcoves to sloping ceilings.

Top tip: Installing mirrored sliding wardrobe opposite a window will bounce light around your room and create an airy, fresh feeling.

Under the Bed Storage

Another great space saver comes from utilising the space under your bed. If you don’t have drawers under your bed, then we recommend installing drawers, or buying storage boxes that fit in the space. If you don’t have space under your bed, you have the option of raising your bed to create your own space. You can purchase bed raisers with inbuilt plug sockets to save even further on space and the overall look of your bedroom by combining the two.

Use your Wall Space

Making use of your walls is another great tip. From floating shelfs to coat hooks on your walls, there are a number of ways you can utilise this space. Some types of shelving can take up a large amount of space, however, knowing where to install the shelving is the key. For smaller bedrooms, many people opt for shelving in areas like alcoves, between sloped was and above the door. 

Double-Up Furniture

Doubling up the use of your furniture can be a great way to save and salvage space in your bedroom. Taking one piece of furniture like an ottoman and placing this under a windowsill with some cushions creates a window seat with storage. Another idea is to mount a large shelf to the wall that can double up as a desk or dressing table. Fitting this with hinges will mean you can fold it away to save even more space!

Space Saving Ideas

There are an array of ideas out there to help you save space. Stay objective. If you don’t need something or can re-organise something to save some space, then start there. When it comes to storage, then opt for built in storage with sliding wardrobe doors for the ultimate space saver.

Contact our team, they can help with the sizing, options available, and fittings that will best suit your room and space available. Alternatively you can build your own bespoke wardrobes with our made to measure builder.

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