Thursday, 25 January 2018

Top Tips for a Healthier Bedroom 2018

Your bedroom should be your haven from the world, so it should also be the healthiest. Having a healthy bedroom doesn’t just mean a space that is clean, it also means organised, calming and sleep inducing, meaning your bedroom should be a healthy all-round room.

There are many ways that you can create a healthy bedroom, here we go through them to help you achieve the bedroom or your dreams.

1. De-Clutter

De-cluttering your bedroom is the biggest key to creating a healthier space. Psychology experts have studied the effects of mess and clutter on the mind and have concluded that de-cluttering or organising your space helps calm the mind and creates an environment that is easier to relax in. Essential for any bedroom!

De-cluttering can be done in a number of ways from having a quick study, to redesigning the interior design of you bedroom. A major way to help is built in storage. Built in storage helps you pack away everything you don’t need on display in an organised fashion. Adding designed sliding wardrobe doors can take this further, with wooden front doors creating a warm and natural space, with mirror sliding doors creating an environment for light to bounce around and create a fresh and airy area.

2. Dust

Dust can build up in a bedroom in no time! Regularly dusting your bedroom will automatically create a healthier and ‘breathe-easy’ space that you can relax in. If you have allergies, then this pain is even more important. With the build up of dust mites on mattresses and pillows, they can cause nasty side-effects that are avoidable, if you dust regularly.

3. Deep Clean your Bedroom

Deep cleaning your bedroom builds on the last point but takes it further with washing carpets and mattresses, as well as pillows, cushion and mattress protectors and more. Regularly having a deep clean of your bedroom will go a long way towards creating a place that you can relax in.

4. No Added Extras

This point covers pretty much everything from pets to laptops and computers. Having ‘added extras’ can upset the balance of your bedroom. Pets can bring dust and dirty into the room and laptops can distract the brain, making it more difficult to relax and ultimately sleep easy.

5. Be Scent-sible

Scents in a room can have a big impact on the health of your bedroom. Certain smells like jasmine, lavender and vanilla can have long lasting effects on your likeliness for a good nights’ sleep. Some scents are calming and relaxing, whilst others light citrus scents have the opposite affect.

6. Only use you bedroom when you have to

Using your bedroom all of the time for any and every activity is tempting, its one of the most comfortable rooms in the house of course! But, doing everything in your bedroom, breaks the brains connection between the bedroom and sleep. So watching tV, reading, working and more in the bedroom can disturb your body’s ability to ‘switch off’ and relax.

7. Textures and Pictures

Choosing your finishing touches can have a huge impact on the health of your bedroom. Choosing fresh flowers to display will create a calming and airy environment. Choosing artwork the is neutral and calming will have a healthier effect on your bedroom over a loud and bold piece. Choosing textiles that are heavy and luxurious will give you a feeling of sensual calmness, think silks for accents, and heady woven fabrics for curtains to block out as much light as possible for that all-important good night’s sleep.

A Healthier Bedroom in 2018

Taking note of these tips to create a healthier bedroom in 2018 can make a huge difference to you life and sleep routine. If you are opting for the de-clutter option, we can help. We create bespoke sliding wardrobes and sliding wardrobe doors that can overhaul your bedroom. Contact our team today with any questions or queries, we are more than happy to help.

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